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You can make serious contributions to your health by running regularly. Running strengthens the immune system and also reduces the risk of developing cancer and similar diseases. Eating un-healthy, consuming harmful substances and being inactive causes deterioration of your body structure. When you stay active, you have a higher chance of being more vigorous. What…

In the past there were games played on hard concrete grounds and children playing on sand. Now, with the advancement of technology, the soil types began to expand. Children playgrounds, basketball courts and tennis courts must have flexible floors, otherwise those who fall may be injured. Properties of Rubber Flooring Must have flexible structure. Has…

Making a sports field is a matter of specialization. Gym floor types can be different from each other. In order for an player to compete in a sports hall or field, one must first be safe from injury. With a good level of stretching and a soft, shock-absorbing ground, the range is ideal for sports….

With the developing technology, different types of soils have begun to emerge. These soil types may vary according to their usage areas. When examined the types of soils, the main desired feature is; no injuries and easy movement of people. In particular, it is useful to have flexible ground in sports fields. We’d like to…

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There are many products that can be produced with rubber; from shoes, floor types, ornaments, space coatings, and much more product can be made with rubber. Possibly, you can see rubber floor in areas such as, walking paths, basketball courts, volleyball courts and especially in the parks around you and in other similar areas. Moreover,…

What does Artificial Turf Cost?

Artificial turf and artificial grass are having same meaning. When we say artificial turf we mean to say artificial grass carpet which is weaved by tufting machines. PP and PE threads are used to make artificial turf product. What is Artificial Turf Cost? Artificial turf cost is varying due to some reasons. There are a…

synthetic flooring 7 use areas alternative

Many of the synthetic flooring we offer at Integral Flooring Systems are ideal for any sports use both indoor and outdoor. However, you can use synthetic flooring options in a wide variety of other applications. 7 Alternative Use for Synthetic Flooring Materials 1. Commercial Flooring 2. Senior Living Facilities 3. Healthcare Settings 4. Foyers and…

basketball court flooring wooden parquet

Hardwood sports flooring can be the star of any indoor multi-sport facility. Also using high-quality subflooring materials could give better results in facility. Why Use Hardwood Parquet for Sports; 1. Superior Rigidity and Uniformity 2. Strength and Consistency 3. Improved Playability Learn more about Sports Hardwood Flooring and ask for detailed specifications.

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