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Indoor basketball courts are areas established for the purpose of playing basketball with flooring types of flooring created in indoor areas. While the indoor basketball court protects from snow and rain in winter, it provides protection from sunny noon hours in summer. Professional basketball courts have canonical sizes. However, these dimensions are appropriate professional basketball. Also, there are basketball pitch established for amateur players and various flooring options. In this article, we will talk about basketball court flooring choices in detail.

There are multiple basketball pitch flooring choices. It is possible to list indoor basketball court flooring types as follows; hardwood floors, polyurethane floors, acrylic floors and tartan floors. We will now try to explain these laying options as follows.

Hardwood flooring, which is one of the flooring choices, is the best indoor basketball court flooring for indoor basketball court. Oak and maple are preferred as ingredients. Due to the materials used, this flooring option has a non-slip feature. It is quite durable to all the impacts during the match, it is best in terms of game performance. Polyurethane floors are designed as two layers.In other words, there is concrete at the bottom of the ground. It is used as a coating on the concrete floor. Again, this laying type is opted more because it is durable and non-slip. The reason why acrylic floors are opted further than other laying choice is that they are economical. It has light tartan properties. It is a non-slip and durable lay kind. Finally, tartan lays are best durable floors among other lays. Therefore, this basketball court can be used comfortably for years.

indoor basketball court flooring

Indoor Basketball Court Sizes and Features

What should the sizes of the indoor basketball court be? As we mentioned before, the sizes of the indoor basketball court can vary depending on whether it is professional or amateur. The measures of the professional basketball court are 28 m x 15 m. The long side should be 28 m and the short side should be 15 m. The length of the line that divides the basketball court into two parts is 15 meters. The length of the circle in the middle of the basketball court is 3.6 meters. Finally, the dimensions of the two basketball hoops on the field are 1.8 m x 1.2 m. But, these dimensions may vary in non-professional basketball courts.

Basketball Court Construction Stages

Basketball court construction is a laborious task. That’s why it’s important for the indoor basketball court manufacturer to have experience. We would like to state that we, as Sports Flooring System, have this experience.

indoor basketball court

Players generally prefer indoor basketball courts. Basketball is a game that is played fast, and constantly in motion. For this reason, the choice of indoor basketball court flooring is very significant. This selection is one of the most significant questions that indoor basketball court manufacturers should ask you. In order to minimize problems such as falling and injury during the game, it is necessary to have knowledge about the product to be flooring. Standard or small indoor basketball court can also be preferred. Our business will provide you with all the information you want to obtain on this subject. Basketball flooring construction stages vary according to companies. For this reason, we recommend that you contact us to get the most accurate and clear information.

Our company exports to many countries. Countries we export to are; Morocco, Kyrgyzstan, Mozambique, Kuwait, Portugal, Nigeria, Tajikistan, Senegal, Tanzania, England, America, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Georgia and many more countries.

Basketball Court Cost

How much does a standard indoor basketball court cost? Our company has an international reputation in basketball court construction. The most essential point to be considered in the construction is the choice of basketball court flooring material. Costs vary according to the choice of materials used for the floor. As we mentioned before to the indoor basketball court flooring options we have mentioned before, the prices are re-established by choosing rubber material, acrylic flooring, tartan floors or hardwood floor used for the floor. As an indoor basketball court manufacturer, our expert team is at your service 24 hours a day to assist you. Likewise you can contact us for any questions you have or want to ask. You can get detailed information by filling out the form below.

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