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Indoor Basketball Court Flooring Options: The most known indoor basketball court flooring options are acrylic surfaces, PU based surfaces and wood surfaces. Contact Integral Integrated Systems for detailed information about basketball surfaces.

What are Indoor Basketball Court Flooring Options?

Acrylic surface is most commonly used in outdoor areas, while wood surfaces are for indoor areas, and especially for professional basketball games. PU based surfaces are popular because it is economic compared to wood flooring.

Acrylic surfaces offer no maintenance. It can maintain its performance for many years due to its special polyurethane material. The color quality is maintained and the player and the spectators enjoy the surface pleasure for many years.

PU surfaces provide comfortable sports and activity and its shock absorber and smooth surface, it also provides safety for the player.

Most basketball players compete on courts made from hardwood flooring can be found in most NBA stadiums. Indoor halls provide a controlled environment, allowing sports surface builders focus on appearance and conditions rather than weather resistance. Consequently, this brings regular maintenance, especially for wood flooring, such as high performance floor coating.

Specialized Integral Integrated Systems team evaluates your needs and the surface of your sports hall, and makes an offer both for best game fit and the economic option.

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