Installation of Sports Flooring

int miniSports flooring systems installation by Integral’s  highly-skilled employees are designed to transform your indoor sports hall, tennis court, basketball pitch, or running track floors with efficiency & professionalism.

int miniRubber sports floorings to be installed over grounds that are celan, smooth, firm, structurally sound, dry and level. Concrete grounds must be free of wax, dust, grease, paint and oil.

1 • Ground Preparation

The premium ground preparation for sports flooring.

2 • Gluing

Cleaning & gluing stage before floor installation.

3 • Laying Surface

Laying of sport covering products

4 • Cleaning

Cleaning the new surface is important before linemarking.

5 • Linemarking

With the linemarking, the sport ground becomes ready for play

Installation Services

Installation service for all sports flooring systems and all sufacing types.

Sports Flooring

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