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Rubber flooring is one of the precious options that can be used in different areas. It is necessary to look at these alternatives, which bring up precious options to design the floor in better quality and stable way. It is necessary to design the rubber floor applications, which is one of the most valuable solutions, especially for indoor sports halls and fitness centers, perfectly.
Flooring is one of the most valuable subjects in a gym. This is to achieve a better performance in sports and protect the health of the athlete. It is necessary to talk about what kind of a design process is related to the rubber floor, which is important for athletes to get a quality feel while standing on the ground.

If you want to perform a rubber floor application, it is necessary to place protective equipment between the floor and the rubber. This additional material, also known as underlayment in the literature, provides a healthier structure between the floor and the floor covering. As an investor, you should look at the details listed below to find the most valuable solutions for you!

Rubber Flooring Application Stages

When you want to take advantage of rubber floors, which are indispensable for sports fields, you should look at the best quality options. At this point, you should not forget that our company, which promises you the best, addresses you with options that will not wear out easily. Let’s take a look at what steps are important during a rubber floor application!

Rubber Flooring Preparation Processes

The floor of sports fields is perhaps one of the most important elements. Because the problems seen on the floor prevent the athletes from healthily doing sports, on the other hand, if the floor is not good enough, it causes various problems visually. If you want to achieve quality in this regard, you must perform meticulous floor preparation.

In order to prepare the floor, first of all, leveling operations are done, and the aim is to obtain a flat and smooth floor. At this point, while the necessary arrangements are made, concrete applications are also carried out at the last stage in terms of ground correction. While the necessary materials are purchased during the preparation stages, a solution is offered depending on the project.
Immediately after the necessary solutions are obtained for the floor application, preparations are made for the next stage. After the concrete application, it will be possible to obtain a perfect structure by performing the dried ground’s necessary processes. For this reason, the floor must be cleaned with post-concrete processes.

Floor Cleaning Stage

It should be mentioned that the second and most valuable stage related to floor applications will be floor cleaning. It is aimed to eliminate the floor unevenness that can be seen immediately after the application of concrete or other solutions. Before the rubber sheets are applied, the necessary solutions will be provided to ensure that the floor is smooth and good.
The most valuable solution related to rubber flooring in the sports field or hall is cleaning. Certain problems are likely to occur, especially due to the emergence of dust, dirt, and other pollutants on the ground. For this reason, the floor cleaning phase should be completed to obtain solutions, and action should be taken for a better quality solution in the next phase.

Floor Application

rubber floor mats

Rubber floor mats are one of the most important issues in floor applications. Thus, meticulousness should always be at the forefront to have better quality and higher standards in the application, which is the last step on the ground. So, what kind of a process is waiting for you regarding sports fields?
Although the floor was completely cleaned and provided quality solutions, the important thing here is to use a floor mat before application. The floor mat prevents the rubber floor from slipping. This makes it possible to benefit from a more stable option. If you want to obtain a quality floor structure and benefit from successful solutions, you can contact us for your project.

Where Is Rubber Gym Flooring Applied?

One of the most curious issues about rubber gym flooring applications is what kind of floors can be applied. At this point, our company, which prepares the ground for many different options, allows you to catch the quality in floor applications. To find out what kind of solutions you can benefit from in the context of your project, all you have to do is take a look at the different floor applications below!

– Rubber Application on Concrete Floor
If you want to take advantage of the best quality options for concrete floors, you should remember that you must first create a stable environment for rubber application. If you wonder which is the ideal option in choosing rubber floor options, the answer will undoubtedly be a concrete floor. Thanks to the flat and hard concrete floor, there will be no flexion.
Thanks to this solution, which is preferred in gyms, fitness centers, and some other areas, it will be possible to benefit from the ideal options. With the concrete floor, one of the most special solutions for many projects in terms of its longevity, you can choose to catch the best quality. Especially benefiting from the quality of concrete creates options beyond your expectations.

– Rubber Application on Wood Floor
While wood is one of the most preferred options in human life, it is also precious for rubber. In cases where you want to apply rubber but do not know how to find a solution, you should know that the only thing you need to do is choose wooden floors. Wood and rubber are options that can be integrated in a quality way.

To integrate rubber and wood, all you have to do is place a correct floor mat between the two elements. Because there is a deficiency related to the floor mat’s application, which will cause problems instability, you can create wonders for your project by contacting our company for the highest quality applications related to wooden floors.

– Rubber Application on Ceramic Floor
Although ceramic is a slippery and flashy flooring option, the main issue to be considered to get the maximum benefit from this alternative is to apply the right solution. It is necessary to focus on certain details to integrate this solution, which provides quality in itself, with rubber.
While our company provides the most successful solutions, it provides better quality alternatives instead of removing the ceramic and applying it to it. Moreover, thanks to a perfect solution placed between the ceramic and rubber floors, slipping, flexing, or other problems are eliminated.
To achieve the best in rubber applications on ceramic, you should definitely apply to our company. You can open the door to quality options to eliminate the judgment that it is impossible to apply rubber on ceramics, which is in many investors’ minds.

How are the Rubber Flooring Prices?

rubber gym flooring

Rubber flooring is one of the most valuable options that means quality, high performance, and perfection. In this sense, we recommend that you remember that the important detail needed to achieve quality will be pricing. Well, what kind of road map should be followed regarding the price.
It is essential to look at what can be done to produce solutions by considering the most important price policy issues. In this sense, you should examine the main factors affecting the price below. In this way, you can capture the advantages of obtaining success-oriented options by providing both your project and producing quality solutions.

Size of Area

One of the most important issues to be considered about rubber flooring applications is the area’s size. In this context, it is possible to apply to us for your project and get a solution. You are likely to benefit from an expert point of view, especially if the space is large enough to lead to different prices.
All you need to do to provide the highest quality options for your project is to provide quality and high standards. In this context, we recommend that you contact us.

Material Quality To Be Used

One of the most important options for rubber flooring applications is the quality of the material to be used. Our company, which produces solutions to achieve the best standards in material quality, accomplishes very successful works to find solutions to your demands. This is actually valuable in carrying your privileges too much higher quality points.
If you want to have a quality and successful project, the most valuable thing you need to do is contact us. Our company strives with all its strength to achieve quality and to offer successful alternatives in your projects. All you have to do is contact us to take advantage of the advantages. For details and projects, you can reach us on our site or our phone number +90 (212) 678 13 13, and you can always get support from our expert team.

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