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What Are Playground Surfaces?

Playgrounds are highly preferred by parents in our country and around the world. However, the thing to be considered while choosing these areas is playground surfaces. With these areas, parents aim for their children to learn while having fun.

Playgrounds mean fresh air, exercise and fun for children, but they are also areas that bring many dangers. The playground floor is very important to prevent injuries. The floor must be shock absorbing playground surfaces. As Integral Group, it is our most important goal to ensure the safety of your children.

Types of Playground Surfaces

Playground surfaces are one of the indispensable parts of playgrounds. There are varieties to choose from for affordable playground surfaces. As Integral Spor, we aim to eliminate the question marks in your mind about which playground materials you should use while creating a playground for your children. Here, we have compiled the features of the playground surfaces we have produced for you in this article!

1. Rubber Playground Surface


Rubber playground surface was at very high levels in terms of cost in the first years. Later, as the industrial societies discovered the benefits of this product, it took its place in mass production as a low-cost, high-benefit product that everyone can use.

Known for its versatility and durability, rubber playground surface has been one of the most preferred products by parents on the floors of their children’s playgrounds in recent years. Rubber flooring coatings are obtained by volcanizing the rubber dough with sulphur and adding fillers and pigments into it. In addition to being aesthetic, the safety of your children is at the forefront for us. These products, which we have produced for you as Integral Group, are a non-toxic playground surface and water-resistant coating.

Rubber playground flooring has many advantages. These;

  • Thanks to its shock absorbing and protective feature and flexibility, it prevents injuries that may occur as a result of falling or impact. In this way, your children will always be safe.
  • It is much more hygienic and healthier than the sand used in playgrounds.
  • Thanks to its superior drainage feature, it does not accumulate water even after heavy rains. It provides a dry and non-slip floor feature.
  • It is very easy to clean, it can be easily cleaned after rain or with water. It is long-lasting, thanks to its disassembly feature, we can easily repair it for you when necessary.
  • In addition to its flexibility, it is extremely resistant to abrasions and impacts.
  • It is a material that reduces energy loss, does not tire people, and has an extremely high walking comfort.
  • Provides heat and sound insulation.
  • Resistant to UV sun rays, no deformation due to low and high temperatures.
  • It can be used safely in areas with low temperatures and snowfall.

2. Artificial Grass for Playground


In addition to the rubber playground we have mentioned above, one of the most preferred floor coverings for playground floors is artificial grass for playground. Artificial grass, with its general definition, is an artificial grass whose raw material is petroleum, which is considered as an alternative to natural grass. What is artificial grass?” While answering the question, the most important point is to talk about the advantages of artificial grass. Artificial grass is a product that is produced with chemical products that do not harm human health in any way and has the feature of being less slippery thanks to this feature. This ensures that your children can play games without damaging the playgrounds.

Due to the increasing concretion in our living spaces, artificial grass made of synthetic yarns, the raw material of which is petroleum, is highly preferred by parents in order for children to feel themselves in nature.

Best artificial grass for playground by Avind; in cases such as rain, snow, frost, hurricane, exposure to ultraviolet rays of the sun; They are nature-friendly products that are not affected by negativities such as discoloration, melting and deterioration of their form. In this way, we provide your children with a safe and peaceful living space with the products produced by Avind.

Playground Surfaces Producers

The products we produce as Avind are designed to be resistant to use in intensive use areas. We are working with our experienced and expert team to make your living spaces better in our developed world.

Avid produces products in many areas beyond your dreams and desires. In addition to production, we provide services not only in our country but also in many parts of the world with our professional and experienced team. The quality of our products is at international standards, the playground floors we have produced for your children are tested in our laboratory at every stage of production, and it has successfully passed more than one international test with its unique formula and high polymer raw material.

You can also contact us to offer your children a quality and healthy living space. Our expert and experienced team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Outdoor Playground Flooring Systems

Poured Playground Rubber Flooring

  • Children’s playgorund surfaces
  • Elastic layers of granule
  • Multiple colours

Rubber Flooring Rolls

  • Elastic layers of granule
  • EPDM material
  • Colour options

Rubber Tiles

  • Rubber tiles for playgrounds
  • Elastic outdoor surfaces
  • Square or interlocking

How We Work?

Timely Support

We use special project management system software for all our projects.

Multiple Solutions

You can choose multiple sports flooring systems for various sports grounds.

Easy Install

We also carry out installation work besides sale of sports floor materials.

Export to World

All the Turkish goods we produce are exported to the world.
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