Artificial football turf or synthetic football grass products have begun to be produced in the world for the first time in the 1960s and are highly developed compared to the first generation grass. We produce synthetic football grass models in our factories in Turkey that are 3rd generation high quality artificial grass products, and tested and approved at FIFA laboratories.

With the subbase and upper structure experience of Integral Sports teams on the subject of football field installation, the facility can be opened as a turnkey service in 6-8 weeks.

Artificial Football Turf Types

We have products that appeal to amateur and professional segments that we produce specifically for football. Football artificial grass types are mainly in two groups;

– Non-fill artificial grass types for football
– 3rd Generation artificial grass models (sand and granule filled)

Amateur Football Surfaces: We have football artificial grass varieties of 30mm, 40mm and 50mm thicknesses for amateur sports surfaces. Non-fill models of our amateur surfaces are newly developed in our R&D department and offer a soft and flexible surface. Our infilled models include 3rd generation sand and granule infill.

Model List:
– Non-fill Football Grass
– Integral Classic 40mm

Professional Football Surfaces: Our professional football artificial grass surfaces consist of 55mm and 60mm artificial grass carpet series. Our 3rd generation products, tested and approved according to FIFA standards, are manufactured at our production facilities in Turkey.

Model List:
– Integral Classic 40-60mm
– Integral Super C 40-60mm
– Integral Super V 40-60mm

Warranty period for football artificial grass models: Our artificial grass specially produced for football is guaranteed for 5-7 years.

Football Artificial Grass Cost

The cost of football artificial grass is determined according to the unit prices in our synthetic grass model list. Our synthetic grass models are named as classical fibril and new generation monofilament yarns. You can choose the most suitable grass carpet type for your designed football field project with Integral Sports support.

FIFA Certified Synthetic Grass Football Field Installation

Artificial grass we produce for professional soccer field installation is more expensive than amateur surfaces because it contains certain standards and more SBR granule infill. Artificial grass models for which we produce for professional and standard size are tested and approved.

In order to receive the FIFA Certificate, FIFA test officials come to the field and give the 1 Star or 2 Star certificate to the field shortly after the field installation phase and afterwards. Professional football competitions can be played on FIFA Certified sites.