Especially for bike lane paint applications which are becoming widespread in the cities, we use a special colored acrylic polymer paint, known as asphalt paint, which we produce.

The acrylic bike lane, which is usually applied in parallel to the road or on special trails for bike traffic, is a decisive area for bikes. The acrylic painted bike lane separates pedestrian and vehicle traffic with bike traffic, providing a safe driving area for cyclists.

How to Do a Bike Lane Paint?

Preliminary preparation: To ensure adherence of acrylic bike paint to existing floor, it should be cleaned with pressured water to avoid dust and dirt on the surface.

Two component asphalt paint: The bike lane paint is made by using water based acrylic polymer paint which is produced for exterior use. One of the important features for the bike lane is that it is designed to prevent the bike wheels from slipping. For this reason it is designed as a dual component. The second component is a special hardener containing silica. The acrylic polymer and silica-containing hardener are mixed for 2-3 minutes and then sprayed on the floor with the aid of a compressor and pump. Then, with the special brush, it is applied to the floor neatly. Acrylic asphalt paint should be applied at least two layers. The floor should preferably be asphalt or concrete.

Acrylic lacquer for asphalt paint: It is laid with colored acrylic lacquer spraying method which is water impermeable and has UV reflecting properties, which protects the present paint from external conditions when the painting process is completed.

Bike lane width: Bike lane width is generally preferred as 80 cm. Once the lane has been painted in the desired colors, white border lines, logos and lane markers are painted on the bike lane.

Bike Lane Painting Prices (Asphalt Painting)

You can get an offer from our company for bike lane painting. You can get quotes for wholesale prices of acrylic polymer asphalt paint, acrylic lacquer and silica additive hardener components that we manufacture in our factory.