Indoor sports flooring or indoor sports hall surfaces are in two main categories as synthetic and natural surfaces, like all other surfaces. You can obtain all of our products in both natural wood and synthetic indoor sports surfaces. You can only buy sports surface materials as well as you can get an offer including installation.

Indoor Sports Hall Surfaces have been installed by our company Integral Sport in Europe, Central Asia and Middle East countries as turnkey projects. The raw materials and sub materials needed for indoor sports surfaces are produced in Turkey by our company. Some floor covering products are imported from Europe.

Indoor Sports Hall Surface Types

The types of flooring applied in indoor sports halls are divided into two as synthetic and natural. The types of indoor sports surfaces that we are doing the installation and the sale are;

a. Indoor Polyurethane Surfaces
b. Sports Parquet Surfaces

Certified Indoor Sports Surfaces

The indoor sports flooring products we use are all internationally validated with CE, quality and conformity certificates. Especially the quality of the products used in schools’ indoor sports halls is very important for the health of children and young people. For this reason, we pay attention to the quality of our materials, as well as them not causing asthma and allergies.

What Kind of Sports are Played in Indoor Surfaces?

Indoor polyurethane surfaces are one of our most preferred products especially for indoor sports halls of schools. Under the multi-layer structure there are elastic rubber surfaces. Elastic surfaces reduce injury to a minimum. Besides, indoor PU surfaces are used for many purposes because they can be made in desired colors. It allows a lot of sports to be done; basketball, volleyball, handball, foosball, squash and badminton are the most popular indoor sports. Sports such as gymnastics can also be played on this surface.

Sports parquet surfaces are the second most frequently used type of surfaces in indoor sports fields. Natural wooden parquet with laminate and solid offers a more professional surface compared to PU surfaces. Our high quality gym parquet models are preferred by our clients especially on the surfaces where professional basketball and professional volleyball games are played.

What are the Dimensions of Indoor Sports Hall?

Indoor sports flooring dimensions are usually based on basketball field dimensions. The basketball field dimensions are 28m x 15m and is determined according to the required side gaps.

Indoor Sports Hall Accessories

There are tennis net, tennis poles, fixed or adjustable basketball posts, handball post, volleyball net, volleyball poles, scoreboard types and many other indoor sports hall accessories in our product range.

What is the Cost of Indoor Sports Hall Surface?

The cost of indoor sports surface varies according to the types of surface, thicknesses and many other factors we have mentioned above. Sport surface system prices are calculated in square meters. If you inform us the details of the indoor sports hall you consider doing, we can send you an offer as soon as possible.