Sports have not changed so much since the first Olympic Games in Greece, but the atmosphere bringing about the conditions under which sports are performed has developed along with the technology we have. Today, we have built walls and floors to perform sports called indoor sports. The latest advancements have enabled us to use PU sports flooring for any kind of indoor sport. Our company, which has been following the introduction of new materials and techniques in flooring, has been offering the best quality and service for fifteen years with cheap flooring options.

What is PU Floor (Polyurethane Floor)?


Polyurethane is a plastic material, which exists in various forms. It is to be either rigid or flexible and is the material of choice for a broad range of end-user applications. Polyurethanes are versatile, modern, and safe. These features make PU one of the best choices for sports flooring. Therefore, we, one of the best PU sports flooring manufacturers, have chosen to keep and improve these features of PU sports flooring to have you have a modern and safe sports environment.

PU Flooring Usage Areas

Name the indoor sports you would like to perform in a modern and safe environment and our teams of experts will give you the best service for the most reasonable PU sports flooring cost along with the most efficient way. PU sports flooring can be applied in any color of desire for indoor sports like basketball, handball, volleyball, and any other sports that can be performed under a roof or may be used for portable sports flooring. PU sports flooring adds extra purposes to indoor sports buildings by making multi-purpose sports hall dimensions possible by using synthetic sports flooring. The imagination of a multi-purpose sports hall with basketball court floor systems and athletic flooring systems is another possibility coming with the introduction of PU sports flooring.

PU Sports Flooring Features

When it comes to the Notion of efficiency of any concept, the time and the money you have spent on it and the benefit you take from it must satisfy you. As one of the concerned PU sports flooring manufacturers, we have been interested in the satisfaction of our customers. PU sports flooring offers the best satisfaction levels for indoor sports with their superior futures.  They are seamless and have maximum skid resistance. Also, their wear resistance is outstanding. Their need for care day-today, periodical or long term is not overwhelming. PU sports flooring also provides optimal ball bounce with optimal shock absorption. You can find them in a wide range of colors according to your need of you. When PU sports flooring needs to be renovated, it is fast and simple.

PU Sports Flooring Cost


The matter of the cost of PU sports flooring will be most probably in your search field when you are in the need of an indoor sports area. The cost of a product and the service should be thought about with the efficiency you will take from the product or the service. Due to the features we have given above and being one of the best PU sports flooring manufacturers, we offer the best product and the service you may come across in the market. PU sports flooring’s sustainability and long lifespan make them efficient. Furthermore, they have relatively easy installation processes when they are done by the professionals who we provide. The equation of the money and the benefit is remarkable, which makes PU sports flooring cost relatively cheap when compared with the other alternatives.

Avind and PU Sports Flooring

Arvind and websites are owned by Integral Group, which has a long history in the manufacture of artificial products for different types of flooring that are used in all climate zones. Hence, the experience we have in production increases the quality of our PU sports flooring. We offer a competing price and quality ratio in the market, which has always made us one step further from our competitors.

To conclude, the features of PU sports flooring like being modern and safe have combined with our experience and expertise, which has made us offer the best products and services in PU sports flooring as one of the best PU sports flooring manufacturers in the world along with a reasonable PU sports flooring cost.