rubber flooring

In the past there were games played on hard concrete grounds and children playing on sand. Now, with the advancement of technology, the soil types began to expand. Children playgrounds, basketball courts and tennis courts must have flexible floors, otherwise those who fall may be injured.

Properties of Rubber Flooring

  • Must have flexible structure.
  • Has shock absorbing feature.
  • Non-slip and has no obstacles to be tripped.
  • Sound insulation.
  • Not affected by sunlight, water and moisture.
  • Nonflammability.

Areas Where Rubber Floors Are Used

Children playgrounds and parks, walkways, bicycle paths, nursery, kindergarten and school gardens, shooting ranges, fitness halls, parking lots, garage floors, pool sides, animal shelters, overpasses, multipurpose halls, cow mats and rubber floors in paddocks it is used.

How Is Rubber Flooring Applied?

There are many types of rubber floors. Let’s learn all types of rubber first. Tile, hexagon, lock, puzzle, block, roll and tartan floor types can be produced. The ready-made ones can be laid on the floor, except for the cast in place rubber. First of all, the rubbers are applied to the upper part of the concrete floor, which is cleaned from moisture and dust, with a rubber glue brush. Have you ever wondered how rubber floors are cleaned? Rubber floors can be cleaned beautifully with plenty of detergent water and a mop.

What should rubber floors be priced for? Rubber floor price may vary according to several criteria. The price of the material may vary according to the color, shape and thickness of the product used. In order to get the price of the rubber flooring that you can make to a company as a turn-key system provider, you should make a research in advance.

Sports activities on sports grounds may vary according to the quality and healthy texture of the grounds. If the ground is problematic, it causes ligament, muscle and cartilage injuries for players. The sports ground should be flexible so that impacts during falls do not cause injuries.

Block rubber floors are widely used in indoor gyms and fitness areas. As it is shock absorbing and soundproof, sports equipment does not make sound when it falls and does not damage the floor.

In the kindergartens and games halls on the upper floors, thick rubber should be placed on the floors in order not to let the sound transition. Since it is a non-combustible product, it is highly demanded. Rubber can be coated in sports halls and places where children are studying and on stairs.

The most beautiful feature of the product is that it is not affected by any natural phenomena, so it is used in all outdoor parks, walking and cycling paths. Resistant to sunlight, rubber floors do not encounter any problems even under snow in winter. As it is a very abrasion resistant product, especially municipalities use it frequently. Rubber floors are used in some parts of the places that are frequently closed to crowded pedestrian traffic where people live frequently. Since rubber floor work requires expertise, it should not be made for everyone. By finding the right companies, you can have a quality product and application.

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