Full PU track flooring (or full polyurethane track flooring) specifications on running tracks are the premium top quality specification and they are water impervious so basically nonporous and do not allow water to soak through the system. The make-up of the Full PU Track surface is a base material flooded with two-part flexible polyurethane elastomer and rubberized granules cast in situ.

Polyurethane floor coverings are an easy-to-clean, non-yellowing, highly abrasion-resistant, effective, and protective coating applied on all kinds of concrete and steel surfaces. It provides an economical solution in areas where chemical and mechanical resistance is not critical. It is a type of coating generally used in sports halls and industrial floors and can be applied as a single piece, and joint less. Optionally, matt, glossy and colored surfaces can be created. It is a coating for dusty environments where dust will not accumulate and can be easily cleaned. This type of coating applied externally and internally is resistant to sunlight and deformations such as cracking or drying out.

What Are the Usage Areas of Full PU Track Flooring?

Full polyurethane track flooring can be used in many places such as warehouses, garages, food, and pharmaceutical factories, swimming pools, squash halls, basketball, and handball courts in addition to all industrial facilities. It is generally preferred for places where visual impact is desired with a variety of colors.

full polyurethane athletics track

What Are the Technical Specifications of Full PU Track Flooring?

The color differences to be used on the floor and the places where dust can accumulate can be controlled thanks to the full polyurethane athletics track flooring. In addition to being decorative and durable, it has also high resistance to abrasion, flexibility, and non-slip surfaces. It generally consists of a 6-8-10mm roll (Fixed Rubber Rubber) +2mm Plastic Polyurethane based coating in it. Additionally, this type of track surfacing is not affected by the pressure exerted by heavy objects on the ground.

How to Do Full PU Track Installation?

The polyurethane track surface is a layer of polyurethane resin binder with colored EPDM rubber granules cast into the uncured surfacing. The broadcast of the rubber EPDM granules can be carried out in blue, green, or red color with the most common being the latter and known to many as the tartan track color Full PU Track.

How to Apply Full PU to The Application Area?

full polyurethane track

The application area should be free of dirt, oil, rust etc. must be thoroughly cleaned. On concrete or sheet iron chipboard wooden surfaces, the surface must be dry and clean. The primer should not be applied on old and worn surfaces without making necessary repairs. The concrete should have been set and completely dried. After 4 or 6 hours after the primer is applied to the floor, after making sure that the floor has hardened, polyurethane should be applied. The main material should be mixed in 5 ratios and the hardener in 1 ratio for 3-4 minutes with a mixer until the homogeneous color is obtained and applied within 45 and 55 minutes. Polyurethane reacts in a short time and the life of the mixed mixture is between 45-55 minutes. The application can be carried out by brush, roller, floor trowel, squeegee, or airless spray airless method.

You may get a rubber running track installation service from our expert team. They can observe the application and start the process for you.

What Are the Costs of a Full PU Running Track?

The polyurethane track cost varies depending on many factors. The dimensions of the sports field are the first criterion in this issue. Then the cost per m² is determined based on the characteristics of the Full PU track material to be used.