Tartan floor is famous for having many advantageous properties. It is a sports floor covering system and well-known for its flexible and long-wearing nature. The raw materials that form the tartan surface are SBR and EPDM rubber granules. You can come across tartan surfaces in many sports facilities for both indoor and outdoor branches, tennis courts, running tracks as well as in playgrounds etc.

What makes tartan floor covering so convenient is that it is non-slippery. It is quite well-known that non-slip surfaces are an inseparable part of sports fields because of the reason that it is of great importance for players to perform in safe environments. During the game they run, slide, chase the ball, or perform any other movement on the ground, and they should feel safe. The floor surface under their feet should have the non-slippery property not to cause any harm or injury to them.

As Avind, our primary duty is manufacturing sports flooring systems and applying them to spaces chosen by the customer. Accordingly, we devote ourselves to bringing first-class quality floor covering products into your projects thanks to our 15 years of experience in the industry. In our catalogue, you can have a look at our flooring system options for you.

Properties of Tartan Floor

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Thinking that the only benefit that tartan floor provides for customers is its non-slip nature is a limiting belief. There are many responds to the question of why tartan floor is a widely chosen product in covering the surfaces of sports fields, playgrounds, running tracks, and many other places. Let’s discuss them together:

  • Flexible surface of the tartan floor is efficient in preventing injuries during a sports game. Tartan gym floor minimizes the risk of slipping and injuring themselves for players. It is a perfect pick for children playgrounds areas as well due to this reason.
  • Nowadays, tartan is used for playgrounds rather than sand due to the fact that it is a more hygienic option for kids.
  • In contrast to its alternatives, tartan floor doesn’t take much of your time when it comes to clean it.
  • Sound and thermal insulation are among the pros of the tartan floor. The surface absorbs the noise and doesn’t get too hot and wear out due to its heat insulation nature.
  • There are different designs and colors that you can get creative with.
  • Inconveniences like scratching, abrasions, wearing out are not big deals for tartan floor, since it is enduring. Note that it can also be dismantled and fixed if there is an inconvenience occurs.

Tartan Floor for Basketball Courts

As Avind, we install two types of basketball court flooring: Synthetic surfaces and wooden surfaces. Tartan floor falls under the synthetic category.

Tartan floor basketball is one of our most preferred specialties to cover basketball court surfaces thanks to a number of advantages to count. Aside from being among the best flooring for indoor basketball court, tartan floor is not restricted to be only used indoors. It can also be applied to the outdoor basketball courts.

Standard basketball court dimensions are 28mx15m for professional games. These are the measurements specified by FIBA. Yet, the size of the court can be altered for special projects that the customers specify.

Installation of Tartan Floor to the Basketball Courts

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As Avind, we undertake installation service as well as other necessary services for our beloved customers. Whether it is an indoor court, outdoor court, or multi-purpose basketball court; applying process of tartan carpet to the preferred space is an effortless mission for us, professionals. The steps are as follows:

  • We commence by clearing and straightening the surface.
  • Then we continue with adhesion process of the material to the ground using a special chemical glue.
  • Third step of the applying process is spreading the tartan carpet. Two layers of the tartan floor must be flat and fixed.
  • Following the previous steps, we clean the surface diligently to get rid of the unnecessary materials, and switch to the last step.
  • In the last step of installing tartan floor, we take care of marking the lines. The necessary drawings are made, and the installation task is completed.

How Much Tartan Floor Costs?

How much will tartan floor cost you depends on several things such as where it will be applied, selections of the materials by the customers, selected surface color, and other necessary points that helps us to calculate the exact cost. If you wish to learn more about types of tartan flooring, and get informed about tartan floor prices, you can contact us by filling out the form given below and we will respond to you as immediate as possible.