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It is necessarily important that the sports floors are flexible and do not harm the athletes. Flexible floors are not only important for athletes but children. Acrylic and tartan floors are the most commonly used among other different countless floor types. There should be some kind of floor, not only for athletes, but also for those who want to go on a walk and to ride a bike, which they will not be injured when they fall. Let’s learn more about acrylic and tartan floors.

How are Acrylic Sports Floor Coverings?

Acrylic floor type which is designed for athletes is being used too much. This ground which is used in sports areas; is decorative, aesthetic, hygienic, non-slip, natural events, non-wound, resistant to chemicals and density, is not affected by temperature differences, very durable ground and road pavement. Acrylic floors, which are widely used on bicycle paths and in walking areas, it can be easily applied. It’s applied to the upper part of the pavement in 2-3 various colors with asphalt and special primer.

Acrylic ground covering can be applied on roll and rubber floor. Why such an implementation is being done? As soon as this implementation is performed, the flexibility and shock absorbency of the floor increases further. Ground work; The system which is completed with modified synthetic surface regulator and the final coat of dying.
Acrylic floor; It is a multipurpose product which can be used in outdoor sports courts.

Where is Acrylic Sports Ground Coverings Used?

It is used in so many areas, however I will count the main used areas. Acrylic floors are frequently used in areas such as; basketball courts, volleyball courts, and handball courts, tennis courts, cinder tracks, walking areas, cycling routes, multi-purpose sports courts, skating roller tracks.

Acrylic Sports Floor Coverings

What is Tartan Rubber Sports Ground Coverings like?

Tartan floors are flexible besides they are slip and shock absorbing. The tartan floor structure, which is resistant to UV rays of the sun and does not cause any deformation, it’s spongy, therefore often used outdoors and sports areas. Tartan rubber ground covering is applied in two different structures. How is it applied? Tartan floor covering; is divided into two as SBR and EPDM. SBR tartan rubber floor covering; SBR is obtained with mixing the granules, PU binders and pigments in the dough consistency. The prepared admixture is applied on the pavement floor with the help of trowel. It’s necessary to decide in which thickness it’s being applied. The SBR rubber floor is absolutely water-resistant and non-slip.

How SBR and EPDM Tartan rubber floor covering is made? Let’s talk about it a bit more. As mentioned above, SBR is applied to the substratum. The mixture formed with EPDM, PU and granule binder is applied to surface course. It increases the durability of the applied tartan floor far too much. There’s no discolouration due to material quality in EPDM system. Since it is a natural product as of its structure, it has no harmful effect on health.

Tartan Rubber Floor Covering Made For What Areas?

As well as there are many areas of use, there are also areas which is often used areas. So what are these areas? In Basketball courts, volleyball courts, tennis courts, cycling paths, walkways, golf courses, children’s parks, children’s playgrounds, school gardens, school stairs, multi-purposed courts and cinder tracks are used very much.


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