What is Artificial Grass? Would you like to take advantage of the perfect options with the use of artificial grass and make your living spaces better? Whether you use fake grass for sports or decorative purposes, the result you will get will be quite good for you. Artificial grass, which is used in different areas of human life and is one of the remarkable options with this aspect; can be used on demand.

Artificial grass is a synthetic grass whose raw material is petroleum, produced as an alternative to natural grass. The usage of fake grass is very wide. Artificial grass, which is used in many places such as football fields, rugby fields, golf courses, hotels and gardens with living spaces, has many advantages. Artificial grass is much more common in Europe. The advantages of fake grass are much more than natural grass.

What Are the Advantages of Artificial Grass?

If you want to design an area for decorative or sporting purposes, all you need to do is to find a company which is professional in this sector. As one of the artificial grass manufacturers, selling and installing products at home and abroad, we offer our customers this advantageous artificial grass! Let’s explore its advantages together.

1- Artificial Grass Provides Long-lasting Use.

One of the greatest privileges of almost every individual who prefers artificial grass is its use for long periods of time. It is clear that artificial grass, which is generally compared with natural grass and evaluated to reveal the differences, is more privileged than natural grass in this respect. Because artificial or fake grass is a very valuable product made of durable and quality materials. The difference of this product from natural grass is that it wears out more slowly as it is used. In other words, since the natural grass is alive, the more contact with the grass, the faster the grass will fade. However, it is not possible to talk about such a situation in artificial grass. Artificial grass can last up to 8-9 years.

2- Artificial Grass Has Low Maintenance Cost.

Many customers want to get rid of the maintenance costs of natural grass. Especially in the summer months, it is necessary to try to revive the yellowing and fading grasses with the effect of the sun. If the necessary maintenance is not done, artificial grass is preferred instead of the rapidly yellowing grass. Because artificial grass is not affected by environmental effects. If you do not want to deal with the maintenance of the grass, which is used in decorative or sportive meanings, you should definitely take advantage of the artificial grass options.


3- Artificial Grass Is Affected by Seasonal Conditions Minimally.

One of the most important problems with natural grass is that the grass is damaged due to seasonal conditions. To put it more clearly, very serious snow and rain during the use of grass damages the grass and renders it unusable. At this point, the most important product to be used will be artificial grass. With the use of artificial grass, there is minimal impact regardless of snow and rain conditions. As the frost effect caused by snow is less in artificial grass and it is not possible to observe conditions such as peeling. For this reason, artificial grass becomes a much more useful and quality alternative.

4- Artificial Grass Has No Negative Effects on Human Health

While grass is one of the high quality options used in different areas of human life, it is among the options that can directly affect human health. With this aspect, when the use of grass is preferred, alternatives that will not adversely affect human health will need to be considered. Even though artificial grass is produced from different raw materials, it does not cause any negative effects on human life during the installation stages. In this case, the most important issue to be taken into account will undoubtedly be human health, so our company acts very sensitively in this regard. You can use it comfortably and safely in your children’s playground or in areas where sports are done.

5- Artificial Grass Installation Is Practical and Fast.

One of the most important features of artificial grass is that it does not require days to be installed like natural grass. Depending on the size of the area and the structure of the artificial grass to be applied, generally it is completed in a maximum of 2 days. Additionally, natural grass is a product that must be transported in rolls very carefully. However, it will not be possible to talk about such a difficult transportation process in artificial grass. As a result, artificial grass installation is practical and fast.

6- The Artificial Grass Cost Is Extremely Low.

One of the most important issues that people consider in artificial grass installation is the artificial grass cost. Because the cost is considered while determining which grass option to choose. While natural grass usually requires a high cost, artificial grass cost is much less than natural grass.

Usage Areas


We have talked about the advantages of artificial grass and we compared it with natural grass above. Now it’s time to talk about artificial grass usage areas!

Artificial grass is a product that can be used in many areas for many purposes. It is especially preferred in sports areas where sports such as football, tennis, padel and baseball are played. In addition, a natural environment can be created by using it for decoration purposes in houses, balconies and interiors. It is also a very harmless product for your children and pets. Situations such as injuries caused by falls on a soft and densely woven grass carpet product are minimized.Your baby can crawl on artificial grass safely. It does not harm them, on the contrary, it protects them from sudden fall.

Installation Stages

If you wonder how artificial grass is installed, let’s explore this together.

  • After cleaning the floor from dust and dirt with a damp cloth, you can start the flooring process.
  • You should apply the adhesive that comes with the artificial grass to the ground in detail.
  • After the adhesive process is completed, you should pull the thin fabrics in the form of carpets to the ground.
  • After pulling the adhesive and fabrics, you should open the carpet in the form of a roll, paying attention to the discharge channels, that is, the permeable points on it. So you need to roughly cover the base.
  • Then, 2-3 people should hold each side and stretch the carpet. Thus, the artificial grass carpet will have an extremely tense and flawless appearance.
  • If you are laying a single lane, this stage will be the last. But if you are not laying a single strip, you should lay the other strip immediately adjacent to it. It should come to the bottom, not to the top.
  • Then you need to do edge trimming. Since the edges of artificial grass are cut, it usually does not have a flat appearance. Therefore, you can cut the edges so that it has a flat image.
  • Then, you should stick the strips you have laid side by side using industrial adhesives. At this point, it is important for naturalness that they do not overlap.
  • Then you should wait for the adhesive to dry. At this point, if you stick an industrial paper tape on the strips on which you apply adhesive, you can achieve a more solid adhesion.

Integral Spor

If you would like to have artificial grass installation for your sports fields or decoration purposes, you can contact us and get more detailed information. Integral Spor is with you with its experienced team and quality products!

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