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Hardwood floors are the first thing that comes to mind when people think about the gym floor. The most popular indoor sports floor type is Hardwood and is always preferred on basketball courts. This type of flooring is strong, sturdy. There are also numerous design options, including tool colors and emblems. Hardwood basketball court floors also have sub-floor systems that help shock absorption, and portable Hardwood flooring systems can also be installed.

The only disadvantage of the hardwood floor basketball court flooring may be that it requires too much maintenance. Especially scratches are quite typical, so maintenance and cleaning should be done. The first step in determining which flooring solution is appropriate for any sports ground is to learn how to use the floor. It is very important to decide which sports and physical activities will be done and which ground pressures will be used. In our article, we will explain the indoor basketball court construction basketball court, including the hardwood basketball court installation, basketball court construction cost. Once created, it meets a large number of societal norms in terms of performance, safety, adaptability, and longevity. Hardwood basketball court cost and the maintenance costs together with the service are additional issues to be considered in the decision-making process.

basketball court construction

The traditional floor material for a basketball court is Hardwood. Wooden gym flooring is a long-lasting, high-performance and safe flooring option, perfect for basketball. It is typically made of premium maple. Basketball court construction is a particularly popular area of use. Sports floor coverings made of laminated Hardwood are formed by gluing a large number of wooden layers on top of each other and vertically on a wet surface. The system is installed so that when exposed to wood moisture, it intersects with natural water flow directions and prevents moisture from penetrating the wood.

Generally, the wooden sports floor coverings are designed to be flexible and non-slip, making them ideal for sports areas. Wooden models are available for selection in various colors and patterns. The laminated wooden Hardwood system has been made more flexible by placing plastic wedges between the layers. Professional basketball is the best option for indoor sporting events. Especially professional basketball competitions are organized on the Hardwood sports fields. The above-mentioned multi-layer laminated systems are even used in special leagues such as the NBA.

How Should the Field Dimensions Be?

Field measures for professional basketball matches were created by the International Basketball Federation. These rules state that the long edge or length of a rectangular area is 28 meters and the short edge or width is 15 meters. In case of basketball court installation, two semi-pitches are formed by dividing with a line in the middle. The rectangular part of the crucible measures 1.8 x 1.2 meters and lies within 1.2 meters of the short edge line. The circle on the backrest is 45 cm in diameter and 3.05 meters high from the ground. It is the measurement from the projection of the 6.75 meter circle to the ground to the edge of the half circle where 3 number shots are made. The distance between the short edge and the free throw line is 5.80 meters and the length of the line is 3.60 meters.

Hardwood Floor Advantages

hardwood floor basketball court

  • Hardwood basketball flooring outdoor is reliable, affordable and attractive.
  • The typical life span of hardwood floors is ten years. (This life depends on routine maintenance, cleaning and preventive measures.)
  • The hardwood flooring provides excellent shock absorption, which reduces injuries.
  • Hardwood flooring is the best choice for good ball splash and response time.
  • It’s simple to clean.
  • Every four to eight years, hardwood floors can be repainted, giving you the chance to change color and have a fresh finish.

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