Are you thinking of getting PVC flooring service? But you have some questions in your mind? Okay! With the guide that we have prepared for you we, as Avind, will make PVC flooring service clear for you.

PVC Flooring

Polyurethane and PVC floor synthetic sports floor coverings are specially produced for sports fields. PVC floor, on the other hand, is one of the practical indoor gym floors applied as a PVC flooring roll. Basketball, handball, volleyball and similar sports can be practiced on polyurethane sports flooring and PVC floors. All kinds of colors of the products are available and even different colors can be applied in the same sports field.

Types of PVC Flooring

PVC floor coverings are divided into two as homogeneous and heterogeneous floor coverings. Heterogeneous floor coverings do not require polishing. It exists in layers. Homogeneous floor coverings show the same feature everywhere. Wear resistance is quite high. For this reason, it is preferred in places where there are a lot of people.

Usage Areas of PVC Flooring


PVC flooring is preferred in indoor sports halls, basketball, volleyball, tennis courts, gymnastics, wrestling and all other indoor games, offices and stores operating in various fields, as well as in production and display areas of many professional groups due to their sterile and high strength.

With the quality PVC floor installation, you may use the product for a long time anywhere you wish. Because quality PVC floor is made from quality PVC flooring tiles.

Advantages of PVC Flooring Systems

PVC floorings are more preferred recently. There are many reasons for this. Because PVC floor coverings are advantageous in many ways.

One of its most important features is that it is antibacterial. That is, no living organism can live or reproduce on the surface. This ensures that the products are hygienic. For this reason, it can be easily used in places that require hygiene and cleaning.


Another feature is that they are anti-static even if the human body has stagnant electricity. Some sensitive devices that work with electricity can be affected by static electricity and even break down. Therefore, PVC floor coverings are used in places where electrical devices such as factories and laboratories are concentrated.

PVC flooring is also used as sports flooring. Because it is a very good product both for the health of the athlete and for playing the game on a comfortable ground. Another feature is the scrolling. Due to this feature, it is also used as a sports flooring.  Additionally, it is easy to clean. It is also quite sturdy and durable. For this reason, you can use it in sports fields for many years without any problems.

The color and pattern chart of PVC floor coverings is also quite wide. For this reason, you can easily choose the colors and patterns that are suitable for the place you will apply.

What Is the Cost of PVC Flooring?

PVC flooring cost varies according to many factors. The dimensions of the field to be built are the first criterion in this regard. The cost is determined according to the PVC floor covering properties to be selected later. It is applied as a PVC covering and the cost is calculated according to the square meter unit prices. PVC sports flooring is applied as a roll and pricing is made on square meters.

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