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Sports floor coverings may vary according to the type of sports. For this reason, our company provides support for different types of flooring at every stage so that our customers can make a suitable choice according to the type of sports concerned. In that way, one of the services that we offer our customers is polyurethane sports flooring (PU sports flooring). In this article we will present important details on rubber flooring

Sports Fields and Flooring Service

There are many types of products used for sports flooring. We can list them as PVC sports floor coverings, acrylic sports floor coverings, polyurethane sports floor coverings, rubber flooring, wood sports flooring etc. Among these options, which choice is the most appropriate depends entirely on the sports activity to be performed and whether the relevant sports area is open or closed. In addition to covering material, there are many sports flooring which can be used differently just like portable sports flooring and portable wood flooring system.

What Is Polyurethane Sports Flooring?

PU sports flooring

Polyurethane flooring or PU sports flooring systems are easy to clean, no yellowing, high abrasion resistance, effective and protective floor coating applied on concrete surfaces. It does not form joints since it is applied as in-situ. It shows a natural movement style for the ball, especially in indoor games played with the ball. Thanks to its matte paint, it completely prevents light reflections. It is not affected by the pressure exerted by heavy objects on the ground. Since it is coated with a polyurethane-based paint, it is extremely resistant to scratches and abrasion. If appropriate maintenance systems are applied, it does not lose its feature for many years.

What Are the Usage Areas of Polyurethane Sports Flooring System?

Mostly known as polyurethane flooring for basketball court, polyurethane sports flooring can also be used in handball courts, volleyball courts, tennis courts, gymnastics, wrestling and multi-purpose sports halls.


What Are the Types of Polyurethane Flooring?

Polyurethane floor system is a type of sports flooring installation that is frequently preferred for sports fields today. Obviously, the main purpose of polyurethane floors is to protect flooring from various deformations and wears that may occur in sports fields. So how is polyurethane flooring obtained? Let’s find an answer for this question together!

There are many different types of polyurethane materials that can vary according to their purpose and usage areas. However, when evaluated for its purpose, there are two types of polyurethane. We may list them as follows;

  • Polyurethane Flooring used for industrial facilities (or purposes),
  • Polyurethane Flooring used for ground or field applications (mostly basketball court floor systems)

Where is Polyurethane Flooring System Applied?

As we mentioned before, polyurethane has two types of applications: sports fields and industrial purposes. However, we will talk more about sports floors for now.. Today, polyurethane material is used in the construction of basketball courts, tennis courts and athletics tracks. Normally, the floors of these sports fields consist of 5 layers, while the number of layers increases to 6 in polyurethane.

PU sports flooring systems

Polyurethane material is not very suitable for football floors due to its hard structure. Football floors should be softer and more elastic in order to prevent possible injuries to athletes from falling to the ground. Polyurethane is not a material with these properties.

On the other hand, polyurethane is a very suitable material for basketball. Because the ball needs to bounce constantly. In addition, athletes jump during scoring. Polyurethane is a very suitable floor for these movements. Professional basketball court installation also consists of parquet floors with the same properties as polyurethane. The difference between them is that while the parquets are made of wood, sports fields are made of polyurethane granules. But for professional competitions, wooden parquet is more suitable. For this reason, polyurethane material is mostly preferred for basketball and sports floors in schools and parks.

So where polyurethane is used other than sports floors? We can talk about this issue in general. Other areas, where PU sports flooring is used, may be listed as follows;

  • Multi-purpose sports fields,
  • Factories or production centers producing chemical materials,
  • Floors of shopping malls and parking garages,
  • Floors of aircraft maintenance hangars,
  • Vehicle repair and service stations.

Polyurethane Flooring Cost

PU sports flooring system, which is one of the best services offered by Integral Spor, is very popular in today’s world. This being the case, polyurethane sports flooring cost has been started to be talked about. As Integral Spor, we are offering you affordable polyurethane flooring cost. For further information, you may contact us. We are ready to offer you an affordable polyurethane flooring cost considering your preferences and your budget!

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