In this article, we are going to explain what the benefits of recycled rubber flooring systems are and what the features of this flooring system have. First, we need to introduce your rubber flooring system and its features. To be honest this flooring system was not so much budget-friendly in the past but the more people have started to realize its multifunctional structure and features, the more the demand for this product got higher and the prices have become much more affordable than before. Nowadays most people have preferred using this flooring system in their gardens or children playgrounds or school’s sports courts etc. As you can understand this product has a wide range of usage areas due to its multifunctional structure. Now rubber flooring system costs are extremely budget-friendly and many people can afford it to add high quality to their living spaces.

As we mentioned before, you are able to use it in children’s playground areas as well as schools or walking paths and so on. But it would be so useful if this flooring system can be used in every playground area. Because in particular these areas likely to harbor bacteria. At this point, a recycled rubber flooring system for playgrounds is an extreme need. Because children always have free souls and they do not obey strict regulations or any borders in order to protect their health. They have behaved with their instincts and these urges into the playing exciting games and etc. Might lead them into some unhealthy areas. They can lie down on the ground or sit there. But unconsciously they might get some infections from these platforms. Because many flooring systems such as natural grass or whatever can hide these bacterias so successfully. Therefore, those fields might danger their fragile health.

What Are the Advantages of a Recycled Rubber Flooring System in Macedonia?


There are countless benefits to use this flooring system in particular in playground areas. The first point is about the cost. This system brings safety at affordable prices. Most people have started to prefer using them. The reason for this these products are useful, hygienic, budget-friendly, and good-looking. These revolutionary products have gained flexibility apparently because from time to time some models of recycled rubber flooring system are called recycled rubber flooring system rolls. This roll word is so important to understand how much they are flexible in order to change their forms. Therefore, you do not need to prefer using recycled rubber flooring system in only flawless flat surfaces. You might prefer using them in your living spaces in order to provide safety and security as well.

They are so long-lasting and have so strong resistance to any bad conditions. It does not slip, does not stick, is resistant to heat and burning. It is able to provide heat and also sound insulation. Tile rubber flooring products do not cause any damage in green areas therefore they can be used safely. It has a strong resistance to all weather conditions. They look always good because their appearances do not depend on the weather conditions. Therefore, you are able to use them in children’s playground areas as you are willing to. You can install them by rolling in any grounds and places. They can fit any floor type as a coverage system.

Where Do We Come Across Recycled Rubber Flooring Systems Mostly In Portugal?

It is frequently used in barns, basketball, volleyball, multi-purpose sports facilities, jogging, and walking paths. But it is not used the same type of flooring system in all these diverse areas. There are many different kinds of rubber flooring systems. Some of them are named lock rubber, tile rubber, hexagonal rubber, brick rubber, block rubber, roll rubber flooring, and so on. This flooring system can be used in silent places because it is able to absorb any kind of sound. For example, we can give libraries and workplaces. They have a flexible structure. It also protects the floor against chemicals and water and prevents it from being damaged. In addition, it can be produced resistant to factors such as burning.


Rubber floor system is so practical and easy to clean. It is among the most useful materials among the coating types and is frequently used in many places. In addition to their aesthetic appearance, rubber coatings are suitable for safety, healthy against bacteria and microbes, resistant to chemicals and water. Rubber materials with high electrical resistance do not produce sound when they are 2.5 mm thick. It is also suitable for use in places where silence is required. A recycled rubber flooring for playgrounds has features such as elastic structure, aesthetic appearance, and easy cleaning.

Why Is It Important to Choose a Recycled Rubber Flooring System for Playgrounds?

As we have mentioned before, this product protects its health with its hygienic structure. Also, the term of recycled is so significant in this point. Because if you prefer using a recycled rubber flooring system, you are able to protect the environment and ecological balance. As we all know that manufacturing of plastics is not ideal for our planet and this material can last thousand years in nature and destroy day by day. Therefore, if you choose this type, you can reduce the production of plastics and get a flooring system that is produced from already used plastics. It is worth it for our planet! Also not all companies have been producing this type of flooring system there you need to do a deep search for it. Surely we can recommend Integral Spor. This company has manufactured a wide range of products in this environment-friendly way and it has been exporting them to many countries such as the UK, the USA, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Russia, Italy, France, Spain, and many African countries. If you are willing to get a professional and high-quality service, you are able to contact them and make an appointment to get more information about their production process and offers on recycled rubber flooring systems.

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