There are many types of basketball court flooring available. As Sports Flooring System, our basketball flooring options are wooden floor, parquet floor and acrylic floor. You can get help from our company from ordering to assembly and manage your questions to our employees.

Sports Flooring System produces floor types that can be used in indoor and outdoor areas. The types of floors used in indoor and outdoor sports facilities also differ. It should be produced in accordance with bad weather conditions in outdoor sports facilities and should be resistant to changing weather conditions.

Our company gradually increases its product range and delivers it to all over the world. There are many countries we export to. Here are some examples of these countries; Senegal, Tunisia, Jordan, Serbia, Sudan, Albania, Afghanistan, United States, Russian Federation, Philippines, Qatar, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Kosovo, Macedonia, Mali and many more countries.

In this article, what are the types of basketball floors? and what are the outdoor basketball court flooring cost? You will find answers to questions such as. If these topics are among the points you want to learn, you should continue reading. If you want advice at this stage, you can contact us.

What Are the Types of Basketball Floors?

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There are many types of basketball floors. Some of the basketball floor types are as follows; hardwood, tartan, acrylic and polyurethane basketball floor. Let’s explain the usage areas and features of these basketball floor types one by one.

  • Hardwood floors are mostly preferred in indoor sports facilities. Because it is not very resistant to bad weather conditions. But it helps the gamer to move fast during the game. Contrary to its high quality and shiny appearance, it is non-slip. Hardwood floors minimize falls and injury. When all these features are taken into account, basketball court flooring indoor hardwood floors is preferred. It takes its place as the third most preferred floor type. It is very simple to assemble and useful.
  • Tartan floor is the type of floor with the highest cost. Because it is assembled as two layers during installation. With this feature, it has the title of the most solid floor. It is possible to use in two different ways as basketball court flooring indoor or basketball court flooring outdoor. It is produced in accordance with bad weather conditions. It can be used for many years. Despite these, it takes its place as the second most preferred floor type.
  • Acrylic floor type is the most preferred floor type. The reason for this is that it can be used in both indoor and outdoor sports facilities and it is very easy to assemble. It is the most suitable type of flooring. But it is generally used as outdoor basketball court flooring. The acrylic floor has a non-slip feature and softens the player’s movements, making the player comfortable. This feature is a very important point in basketball floor types.
  • On the other hand, polyurethane flooring is produced for use in both outdoor sports facilities and indoor sports facilities. It is a type of floor that does not cost much the basketball court flooring cost. It is a floor type that is easy to install and inexpensive to install.

We have listed the basketball court floor types in this way. The only reliable and relevant address for the best outdoor basketball court tiles is the Sports Flooring System company. You can contact us to order.

What are The Outdoor Basketball Court Flooring Cost?

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Basketball floor prices vary according to the desired type, installation technique and indoor or outdoor sports facilities. But if you contact us and explain the floor with the features you want for basketball court floor, you will be provided with free price information. We recommend that you contact us before you miss this opportunity. In the light of all this information, you can contact us at any point in your mind and direct your questions.

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