Our basketball court flooring types consist of wooden sports parquet and synthetic sports floor types. You can get support from our company for the installation of all the indoor and outdoor basketball surfaces that you have in mind. You can get the price including installation as well as the price quotation for surface materials only.

Indoor and outdoor basketball court have been installed by our company Integral Sport in Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East. We also sell materials to all the countries of the world. Most floors in the basketball field we use special synthetic raw materials and sub materials are produced in Turkey by our company. Some surface products are imported from Europe.

Basketball Field Surface Types

The types of surfaces we are applying to basketball courts are divided into two as synthetic and wood. The surfaces in which the NBA and other basketball leagues are played must be made as professional sports parquet. Types of Indoor sports surfaces we install and sell:

a. Professional Wooden Parquet Surfaces

Sports Park Types

b. Synthetic Surface Types

Acrylic Basketball Surface Coating

Polyurethane Basketball Surface

Rubber Basketball Surface

Indoor PU Basketball Surface

Multi-Purpose Grass Carpet Sports Surface

Certified Basketball Court Surfaces

All of the basketball court flooring or surfaces we use have internationally recognized CE, quality and conformity certificates. We do our material production and supply by taking into account the health and the effects on the environment.

What are Basketball Field Dimensions?

Basketball field dimensions are clearly indicated by FIBA as 28m x 15m on the playing field of professional competitions. In various parts of the world and in amateur sports fields such as street basketball, basketball field dimensions can vary. Also, NBA basketball field sizes are the same from outer line to outer line, but the three-point line is farther away.

What is the Cost of Basketball Surface?

The indoor or outdoor basketball surface costs vary according to the types of surfaces, thickness and many other factors we have listed above. The system prices of basketball surfaces are calculated in square meters.

If you would like us to inform you about the basketball field you consider, we can send you an offer as soon as possible.