Running Track Surfaces are built around professional football fields, around the Olympic fields and on outdoor running tracks. The athletic tracks to be built around the Olympic fields must be made with EPDM granules to be used in professional competitions.

Types of Running Track Surfaces

In general, the tartan surface consists of two or more layers of rubber granules. Layers that differ according to the system are composed of materials such as SBR granule, EPDM granule and polyurethane coating. IAAF certification is available for athletic surfaces that we have installed. Our preferred systems for the installation of running tracks and athletics tracks are as follows;

  • Sandwich System Running Track
  • Spray Coating Running Track
  • Full PU Track Surface

Athletics Track Installation Stages

Athletic track installation is usually made of SBR rubber at the bottom and EPDM rubber at the desired colors on the top. The surface layers are completed by casting in-situ hot rubber in place by a paver. The athletic track installation stages are briefly as follows;

– Ground leveling
– Curb and athletic drainage canal placement on the sides of the track
– Paving and leveling of the SBR surface layer when it is hot
– Paving and leveling of EPDM surface layer when it is hot
– Polyurethane coating can be applied according to the applied system

On the athletic tracks that are not to be used professionally or on running tracks such as park and gardens, artificial grass carpet running tracks with red clay colored and sand filling can be preferred.

What is the Cost of Installing an Athletic Track?

You can get information and prices from us about the installation of an athletic track with our experienced team who have installed hundreds of sports field. Tartan running track costs vary according to area dimensions and system specifications.