Sandwich System Running Track is hard wearing, durable and gives the characteristics of the solid track system at economical price. The Sandwich System Running Track is non porous so does not allow rainwater through the system and stands out through its good transmission of forces and cost saving so therefore is a popular specification in the world for athletics clubs and running track stadiums.

How to do Sandwich Running Track Installation?

Two layer Sandwich System Running Track consists of SBR base rubber granule material mixed onsite with polyurethane binder and EPDM rubberized granules also installed on site with polyurethane resin glue. The EPDM rubber granule sink down into the SBR base mat and form a granulated surface as the wearing course cures hence the name of sandwich system.

Sandwich System Running Track Cost

Cost of sandwich running track vary depending on many factors. Dimensions of the runnig track is the first criterion in this issue. Then the cost per m² is determined based on the characteristics of sandwich running track material to be used.