It is possible to come across different sports ground types. The kind of floor that players want the most while doing sports is flexible and does not harm their bodies when they fall. Basketball, football, volleyball, tennis and many sports fields that you can think of have its own floor type. In this article we…

running surfaces

Looking for a high-quality rubber running track installation service? Then, you must consider which features a running surface should have. What is Running Surface? Running surface refers to the type of terrain or ground on which a person runs or exercises. This can include rubber running track material such as asphalt, concrete, dirt, grass, sand,…

rubber flooring

In the past there were games played on hard concrete grounds and children playing on sand. Now, with the advancement of technology, the soil types began to expand. Children playgrounds, basketball courts and tennis courts must have flexible floors, otherwise those who fall may be injured. Properties of Rubber Flooring Must have flexible structure. Has…

sports field

Making a sports field is a matter of specialization. Gym floor types can be different from each other. In order for an player to compete in a sports hall or field, one must first be safe from injury. With a good level of stretching and a soft, shock-absorbing ground, the range is ideal for sports….

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