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Tennis court surfaces and their characteristics: There are variety of tennis court surfaces depending on the type of the surface as well as whether the surface is in outdoor or indoor. Each surface has its own characteristics which affect the playing style of the game. The most popular tennis surfaces are acrylic, clay, hard, rubber flooring…

indoor basketball court manufacturer

Indoor basketball courts are areas established for the purpose of playing basketball with flooring types of flooring created in indoor areas. While the indoor basketball court protects from snow and rain in winter, it provides protection from sunny noon hours in summer. Professional basketball courts have canonical sizes. However, these dimensions are appropriate professional basketball….

Sports Flooring

Integral is selling artificial grass all over the World incule Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. Meantime It is also construction sport facilities in different continents. Integral Spor constructed a lot of sport fields in Riyadh and Dubai. Most of them are outdoor and indoor football and sports facilities. Furthermore We also construct tennis courts in Riyadh,…

Sports Flooring

Artificial Grass Dubai Price: Dubai is trade center of Arabic countries and Middle East countries. A lot of big companies are having head quarters in Dubai in order to arrange distribution to other Arabic countries through it. People who are living in Dubai paying a lot of money and time for sport activities. Integral is…

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