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Integral is selling artificial grass all over the World incule Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. Meantime It is also construction sport facilities in different continents.

Integral Spor constructed a lot of sport fields in Riyadh and Dubai. Most of them are outdoor and indoor football and sports facilities. Furthermore We also construct tennis courts in Riyadh, multi use sport facilities, basketball courts, PU sport fields and tartan surfaces for different purposes.

Sythetic Turf – Artificial Grass Supplier in Riyadh

We are selling artificial grass products and also offering installation services for sport facilities. We are also construing metal fence and surroundings of the sport facilities. We are constructing different kinds of basketball and volleyball courts.We make basketball courts from artificial grass, acrylic, pu or tartan materials. The surface of basketball courts is very important in order to have a nice surface. Otherwise the ball will not jump well which is not good. It affects the performance.

What We Offer in Riyadh?

We are using small height artificial grass for basketball courts because if the pile height is very high the ball will not jump well. We pay more attention to the quality. Our staff who are making installation of the grass or other applications for sports facilities are very professional. We are giving maintenance service for Our customers yearly.

Artificial turf Riyadh companies are mainly importing products from other countries and selling to local market.

Sports flooring system is a brand.

5 a side Football Pitch Construction Cost in Riyadh, Dubai

Mini artificial grass soccer pitches are also known as “5 a side football pitch“. We are able to build all kinds of synthetic football field construction.

In Riyadh and Dubai we have some references of football pitch construction. Please ask for 5 a side football pitch construction cost

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