Artificial Turf

Artificial turf and artificial grass are having same meaning. When we say artificial turf we mean to say artificial grass carpet which is weaved by tufting machines. PP and PE threads are used to make artificial turf product.

What is Artificial Turf Cost?

Artificial turf cost is varying due to some reasons. There are a lot of things which are affection on artificial turf cost.

Synthetic Turf Yarn Height

First of all the height of  artificial turf yarns. As the length is going up the consumption is getting more and price is going up normally. Another thing is the back coating of artificial turf. It is very important point in order to have a durable artificial turf piles.

Dtex of Artificial Grass

Another thing is the dtex of the carpet. If dtex of the carpet is less quality is going down and artificial turf cost is becoming cheaper. If dtex is more then artificial turf cost is getting higher.

Yarn Material

Another point is type of the yarn. PE yarn is more expensive then PP yarn because PE raw material is more softer and durable in compare to PP threads. That’s why nowaday most of buyers are prefering to buy PE artificial turf products such as Super C, Super V and Mono turf.

As We sum up briefly there are some important points which are affecting on the price of artificial turf cost. In order to have a good football or playing field the best artificial turf must be selected. It also affects the performance of the players and preventing injuries of players.

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