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sports flooring

Sports flooring application is an important issue in order to make all kinds of activities in indoor sports, perfect. This is especially true for activities that can only be done in indoor places. The most important aspect of these floors used in sports halls is that they have been developed to protect the health of athletes. Thanks to the smooth and non-slippery floors, it is possible for the athletes to compete in a healthy way. Moreover, it is possible to achieve higher performance with less effort thanks to these floors.
While it is possible to plan a floor system for important sports branches such as basketball, volleyball and handball with a wooden sports floor, the most important issue here is to apply the right project in the most correct way. Because the wrong design of the ground will negatively affect not only the athletes but also the entrepreneurs who make the investments.
In order to invest in a sports field and take advantage of the most exclusive options, you should discover quality wooden floors. You can contact us to obtain a ground with appliance to FIBA standards. In this way, you can benefit from both better quality and more successful solutions. Now let’s take a look at what are the best options for wooden sports flooring!

Parquet Floor for Indoor Sports Halls

sports flooring

If you want to benefit from sports field floor applications, you should know that the most valuable option will be parquet flooring. You should know that the most special option you can choose for parquet floors will definitely be parquets with a thickness of 50 – 65 mm. This parquet, which consists of 4 main layers and is very simple to apply, can list the layers as follows. Moisture mat, rubber block, plywood, solid parquet, varnish and lines. The rest of the pieces, which are considered as 4 main layers, aim to add functionality to the floor.
Thanks to the appliance with FIBA standards, the ball bounces very well on this floor, which has a very high wear resistance. Thanks to its ability to be used for many years, it becomes one of the indispensable sports field options. The most attractive feature of this option, which can be used for up to 15 years when properly maintained, is that it is suitable for both professional basketball courts and other sports.

Indoor Sports Hall PVC Floor

The most important aspect of PVC floor applications is their compliance with FIBA standards. They are mostly preferred for the colorful areas in basketball courts. It should be mentioned that this floor, which consists of 3 layers and is 6 – 8 mm thick in total, is comfortable and hygienic. While improving the performance of the players, it also opens the door to very successful solutions thanks to its shock absorption.

This alternative also draws attention with its waterproof feature. It protects the health of athletes thanks to its anti-bacterial properties. In addition, the low maintenance costs of these floors enable sports halls to turn into more successful and profitable investments. You can open the door to privileged services, especially with PVC flooring, which is indispensable for indoor sports halls.

PU Floors for Indoor Sports Halls

PU floor is used to obtain a better quality sports hall floor and is one of the most preferred options in sports court flooring processes. It draws attention with the fact that it consists of 4 different layers and its thickness varies between 10 and 13 mm. PU floor is one of the options designed in accordance with FIBA standards and managed to attract attention with this aspect.
It opens the door to very successful solutions in the floor structure because it has a comfortable use and also brings hygiene to the front. In terms of ensuring the safety of the athletes, especially the high shock absorption makes this alternative stand out. The success of this floor covering is at the forefront thanks to the fact that the high impact absorbency also shows itself in the wear resistance.

Among the sports field flooring options, it will be possible to establish a sports hall thanks to the PU floor! It is suitable for both warm and cold climates. It is very valuable that the maintenance costs are very low and the door opening for many years of use where it is applied. You can contact us immediately to benefit from successful solutions.

FIBA Approved Systems

Wooden sports flooring one of the most effective options that comes to mind when it comes to wooden sports flooring is the carcass building system, which is a FIBA approved system. The most advantageous aspect of these options, which protects the athlete’s health and allows a better quality system, is that they can be applied even to a large field. It is possible to obtain a quality floor in this alternative where moisture barrier application is available.

When looking at the color options, it should be mentioned that the alternatives of oak, beech and maple come to the fore. For this reason, this FIBA approved systems opens the door to very high quality applications. If you want to benefit from this flooring choice while making your sports hall investments, you should definitely choose FIBA approved carcass systems.

You Can Choose Us for Wooden Sports Floor Solutions!

If you want to open the door to quality and successful services, there are so many things you need to do! Choosing a floor type is almost as important as building a sports hall. As a brand that takes action with the desire to be one of the most successful brands in the sector, we emphasize we focus on quality. We continue to produce very successful solutions considering the best wooden floor demands from you.
If you want to take advantage of quality and high standards when choosing a wooden sports floor, you can contact us. Not only do we open the door to the best flooring applications in sports halls, but we also take action to be successful. In particular, we adopt a perspective that will allow you to benefit from successful alternatives by making the right choices. Moreover, we wish to offer the best solution to your demands with our affordable prices.

fake grass, green grass, artificial grass

The use of fake grass is one of the high-quality solutions that can be used in various ways in sports fields. It is necessary to mention about the special solutions related to how and why to use and prefer these grass, which is the most valuable feature of the grass, is, it facilitates human life and does not pose any risk thanks to its health standards.
Like almost everyone who wants to take advantage of solution-oriented options in sports field construction and other issues, you can focus on alternatives that will bring quality to the forefront. You will be able to access the most accurate information about fake grass, which promises appropriate solutions in different sports branches and is very successful in this respect. If you are wondering what to do for success, quality, durability and long-lasting use, we recommend you to take a look at the exquisite solutions we offer to you.
Considering the fake grass and similar grass options, it is necessary to know what this type of grass is and what kind of features it has in order to use the most valuable options for you. In this way, it will be ensured that any question marks related to fake grass to be used will be eliminated.

What is Fake Grass, Why is It Preferred?

Fake grass can be considered as one of the very high quality options that have similarities and differences with natural grass. In this sense, it is clear that the most successful choices can be made about fake grass, which is considered among the indispensables of sports fields. Considering the properties of the grass used in the construction of sports fields, the following should be expressed.
It is necessary to make the right choice about fake grass, which does not risk the athlete’s health and opens the door to very high-quality options. Because fake grass, which does not end with counting features full of privileges, is produced in different types and qualities, it directly affects human life. The issue to be considered at this point should be the type of grass supplied.
Our company offers you valuable solutions about green grass and opens the door to alternatives that will increase the value of your usage areas. For this reason, it will be necessary to choose a product that meets the purpose of use rather than a standard product. So how can you do that? Of course, it will be possible to get these solutions by getting support from our company’s professionals.

What Are The Reasons To Prefer Green Grass?

fake grass, green grass, artificial grass


In the minds of almost everyone who wants to prefer green grass, there will be advantages to choosing these grass models. Our company, which opens the door to valuable options in this regard, promises you a solution by taking into account the principles of quality, usefulness and reasonable price.
You can bring high-quality to the forefront by choosing the most suitable model for sports fields and all other facilities. When you supply green grass from our company, which accepts the main duty of producing solutions in the most valuable issues for you, it is possible to benefit from the products that attract attention with the following features. For this reason, we recommend that you carefully evaluate the features.

Long Lasting

It stands out with its longevity, which is one of the most curious issues of almost everyone who wants to use green grass. In order to maintain quality and to sign options that will not cause any problems in sports fields for a very long time, it is necessary to make use of options suitable for sports activities.
In order to ensure longevity, the use of grass in sports fields is provided by taking into account the conditions such as resistance to sunlight, friction and contact wear. Maximum performance will be obtained in terms of supporting longevity in the grass application stages to be carried out by taking all these details into consideration.

Low Maintenance Costs

It should be stated that the most important issues to be considered regarding the use of artificial turf are costs. In this case, the low maintenance costs are one of the most important reasons for using artificial turf instead of natural grass. When using natural grass, different maintenance needs to be done in summer and winter.
As natural grass is a living plant and is affected by environmental factors, it can be said that the increase in demand for artificial turf is gradually peaking. For this reason, if a new sports facility is to be built or if there is a change of grass after maintenance and repair work in the sports facilities, the choice should be made of artificial turf. Despite the precautions taken in the sports facilities, take action to purchase the special privileges that will be provided for you by the artificial turf, which will be preferred due to the damage to the grass, at affordable prices!

Least Affected by Seasonal Changes

fake grass, green grass, artificial grass

Seasonal changes are one of the most important determinants of natural grass damage. It should be emphasized that while the natural grass turns yellow and peels when the sun’s rays are very burning, muddying is at the forefront in the winter months. For this reason, a significant number of people resort to invaluable solutions related to the use of artificial turf.
When using artificial turf, quality and usability are at the forefront regardless of the season. It is definitely not possible to hear a saying that the situation of the field is not suitable when using artificial turf, because the presence of snow, rain or sun does not cause a situation that will cause damage to the grass. For this reason, using artificial turf in areas where seasonal changes are severe opens the door to much more successful solutions.

More Resistant to Friction

Friction will be one of the most common issues in training and sports fields. It is observed that athletes interfere with each other while training or encounter problems due to friction in areas where they exhibit various movements on the grass. Artificial turf should be used in order to eliminate the effect of friction on natural grass.
Thanks to the use of artificial turf, problems caused by friction are eliminated and the grass can be used for a longer period of time. It will be necessary to state that this product, which will be preferred in order to protect the health of athletes and to benefit from better quality solutions, is of higher quality compared to many other options in terms of budget.

Artificial Turf Can Be Applied More Practically

One of the most important reasons for using artificial turf is the ease encountered during application. This supports you in carrying the solutions of investors and managers in sports fields to a more perfect point. One of the most important issues you should consider in order to benefit from the most suitable options for you with quality, high performance and valuable solutions is undoubtedly the affordable price. For detailed information and questions, you can reach us on integralspor.com.

artificial grass, synthetic grass, astro turf, fake grass

Would you like to take advantage of options that will bring quality to the forefront by purchasing artificial grass? Our company allows you to meet the best products and reveals the features of the best products with special solutions and quality options for you!
Artificial grass is one of the more useful and quality options than natural grass. Offering much more valuable and quality options than its counterparts in terms of usability, artificial grass is valuable for almost everyone. We support you with our knowledge so that you can take advantage of options that will reveal this value and keep the performance at the top depending on the area of use.
You will be able to find out which of the most valuable types of artificial grass produced by our company is ideal for you. Moreover, when choosing the most suitable option, you will make your choice by knowing the quality artificial grass features.

Before making your choice about artificial grass, it is necessary to emphasize which area of use is important for you, because artificial grass makes a difference according to its usage areas at the stage of production. This naturally causes certain changes in the properties of the grass. Here are the usage areas and quality options of artificial grass.

Usage Areas of Artificial Grass

Although football fields usually come to mind when it comes to artificial grass, the usage areas of this product can vary from the garden, terrace, balcony, and around the site. In this sense, it is necessary to handle the use of artificial grass in 2 different ways, sportive and decorative.
Sportive use refers to the use to establish sports fields, especially football fields. We carry out the most special works for you among the artificial grass specially designed for sportive use. We offer you the most accurate alternatives in order to benefit from the options that will increase the performance of the athletes and increase efficiency to the best levels.
Artificial grass, which is produced to meet the greatest expectations of athletes, also offers visual perfection. In this sense, the options to be considered are generally the same.

We should say that very special alternatives should be used for synthetic grass that will be used for decorative purposes. In particular, products to be used as decorative should be visually successful as well as provide hygiene and protect human health. As a matter of fact, it should be stated that these products, which are likely to come into direct contact with human skin, even if they are decorative, may put health at risk in a possibly negative way.
After considering all the details, we list the things that should be considered below. Now let’s take a look at the quality artificial grass produced with special options!

How Should High-Quality Astro Turf Be?

While the use of astro turf is in almost every moment of human life, it is known that this use differs day by day. Let’s take a closer look at all the details about astro turf, which varies in production stages due to the differing types of usage!

Abrasion Resistance

artificial grass, synthetic grass, astro turf, fake grass

With the use of astro turf, it will be quite simple for you to catch the quality, because this product is highly resistant to abrasion, and offers high-quality options. One of the most important aspects of these products, which are specially designed to be used for sportive purposes, is undoubtedly their resistance to abrasion.

Although the preferred yarn type plays an important role in obtaining resistance, it will be necessary to state that reinforcement applications made with latex are very valuable. If you care about quality and usefulness while purchasing astro turf, you can definitely start to benefit from our company’s products.
While we enable you to benefit from valuable products specially produced for you, we provide extra solutions against wear and tear. You can start working with us for high-quality options against wear and resistance.

Resistance to Sun Rays

It is necessary to be very careful about astro turf, which is preferred for sports and decorative uses, especially in indoor and outdoor sports facilities. You can take a look at our products for options that will be least affected by the sun’s rays and will be able to attract attention with these features.
During the production phase, both the usefulness and the resistance of the grass are supported by the stages that are carried out by taking into account the sun rays and UV rays. Moreover, any negative option that may put human health at risk is not used during the said stages. Therefore, it is possible to benefit from the highest quality options.

Choose our company for astro turf that does not fade, wear out, and always dazzling with its quality due to sun rays. Take the quality to the top with our special alternatives!

Easy to Maintain

One of the most important issues for almost everyone, who wants to buy and use astro turf is it is easily maintainable. The fact that the grass can be cleaned easily increases the usefulness and opens the door to very valuable options in protecting human health.
During the production of astro turf, our company aims to offer you special solutions by considering all your sensitivities. Especially unlike the grass that cannot be cleaned, it is ensured that you benefit from the products that become clean after brushing with the help of water and natural soap.

While we bring this feature, which is very important in terms of protecting and supporting human health, we enable you to benefit from visually higher quality options. If you want to take advantage of quality options and care about health standards, you should definitely use our products.

Not Affected by Seasonal Changes

artificial grass, synthetic grass, astro turf, fake grass

Different expectations and solutions come to the fore regarding the use of synthetic grass. Although the area where the grass will be used is very important, it is not very important in what climatic conditions this area is located in, because, unlike natural grass, synthetic grass is less affected by seasonal effects.

When it comes to the use of synthetic grass, the most important detail to be considered is to provide seasonal resistant products while ensuring the widespread use of these products. In this context, while increasing the variety in terms of offering more successful options for the products we produce, we offer suitable alternatives for summer and winter.
If you want to benefit from high-quality alternatives for both summer and winter seasons, you can immediately start to benefit from grass options we provide according to usage areas.

Low Cost

The most valuable feature that causes the use of synthetic grass to become widespread and more preferred is that it is very advantageous in terms of cost. When it comes to the use of natural grass, it is seen that the costs are far above expectations. For this reason, it should be stated that there are more intense demands regarding the use of synthetic grass.
Thanks to synthetic grass, which means lower investment costs and fewer expenses while achieving high-quality, you can start to benefit from very affordable prices. You will be able to experience all the necessary processes with the privileges of our company in order to open the door to a successful investment process. Moreover, you can benefit from the privileges of our company in the selection of grass.

Prefer Our Company For Usage of Synthetic Grass

Even if you consider the most important features when choosing synthetic grass, the qualifications of the company you will cooperate with are also very valuable. Our company, which allows you to meet with special options, always wishes to keep the quality at the highest point. Especially with the variety of synthetic grass, your demands are answered in the most correct way, while the costs are also at a very good level.
All you have to do is to take advantage of the privileges of our company in order to get the most successful products of the sector and to always aim for the better by keeping up with the developing technology. While directing your investments, you can answer all your questions about the use of astro turf by choosing our company.

We aim to provide you with the most accurate solutions with the most competent experts in their field, the most technological machines in the sector, and the works we have completed so far. If you want to make the right choice in favor of quality, you can start to examine our products without wasting time.
Our grass, which makes a name for itself with its pile lengths ranging from 5 mm to 70 mm, is valuable in order not to fade for a long time and to avoid problems depending on the season. To benefit from all these solutions and to get more detailed information about our products, you can contact us immediately on our sportsflooringsystem.com site. Our experts are ready to help you with any subject you wonder about.

It is possible to come across different sports ground types. The kind of floor that players want the most while doing sports is flexible and does not harm their bodies when they fall. Basketball, football, volleyball, tennis and many sports fields that you can think of have its own floor type. In this article we will tell you about the acrylic floor applications. You can gather information about them reading this article.

Acrylic Floor Types

Acrylic floors are separated from each other according to the type of the material used. Acrylic floor can be made according to the desired floor characteristics.

Standard Acrylic Floor; A minimum of three coats of paint can be applied on the standard acrylic floor applied on concrete and asphalt, and can be manufactured according to the desired color code. After the floor is completed, two layers of acrylic paint can be applied for white border lines.

Acrylic Floor on Rubber; Primer and resurfacer can be applied on asphalt and concrete floors. Rubber floor is applied to the first floor and acrylic paint is applied twice to the last floor.

Cushion Acrylic Floor; Again, primer and resurfacer application is applied to the upper part of the asphalt or concrete, rubber powder layer is applied three times and lastly acrylic paint is applied twice.

Acrylic Floor Paint; When you like the color from the color chart for acrylic floor paint, it is applied to the mixture. One of the most beautiful features of acrylic floor is that you can get the color you want. Acrylic paint does not wear easily and has a long life.

If you want to make acrylic floor; You should work with a company that is an expert in the field, who does this task correctly and has a reference. You can get quick discovery and price support from our technical staff by contacting us.

In which Areas Acrylic Floor Is Used?

Acrylic floors, especially used in tennis courts, are also used in many other sports. It is a system that allows the game to be played in a controlled-ball manner within the field. Acrylic floors, suitable for all kinds of outdoor sports, are used in the construction of multi-purpose fields. It is the most widely used ground type in tennis courts.

Acrylic floor is a very economical floor type and it is resistant to UV sun rays and rain. Acrylic floor can be coated on concrete and asphalt. Acrylic floors are used in tennis courts, volleyball, badminton, athletics tracks, basketball courts and walking paths. The ball on this ground can be controlled very nicely.

How Acrylic Floor Covers Are Made?

After mixing various materials, the liquid reaches the consistency of the pellet, poured in separate layers on the asphalt or concrete floor at 12 degrees celcius air temperature without rain. The top layer must be poured again before the spilled substrate has dried out. And if a defect is present in the asphalt concrete, the floor must be leveled coated with another layer of concrete or asphalt. Then the operations mentioned above should be done in order.

Basketball courts, jogging paths, cycle paths, tennis courts, athletics tracks and many other fields that you can think of includes this type of ground. The flexibility of the floor compared to other hard floors and the fact that the surface does not wear too much, makes it to be used in international competitions.

One of the best advantages of acrylic floor is that it can be applied with different color types. Especially multi-purpose fields can be made with different color variations. Lines on acrylic floors cannot be easily scratched and erased.

Especially companies specialized in sports fields can apply this kind of flooring with great care. Since the construction of sports fields requires expertise, it is important not to leave it to everyone. If you are going to have a sports field, you should definitely work with companies who are experts in their fields and who do their task correctly. In order for a space to be built, it must first be designed in terms of ground and landscaping. In addition, all infrastructure works should be planned. The acrylic floor looks very smooth and proper for doing sports on it.

How Should the Acrylic Floor Infrastructure Be?

The area where the field will be built should be leveled properly. After leveling, it should be surrounded with a border of 6×20 cm. Eyebolts are placed in between certain intervals to the border in concrete mold to be used for wire fences. Large stones with a height of 15 cm should be filled into the border which will remain under 20 cm soil. The compacted stone should be made by mixing stone powder on the ground. As a result of the process, a slight inclination should be given to the field. Thanks to this inclination, rain water is discharged quickly from the field. During the filling process, plastic drainage pipes should be used to prevent the water coming from the bottom and to protect the top coating. There should be holes in the border against the mouths. The site is constantly watered to ensure a good fit and ready for asphalt pouring. Substrate must be arranged as asphalt or concrete before acrylic flooring is applied. On asphalt surfaces you must ensure that the floor is set 15 days in advance. All dirt and oil on the surface should be cleaned. If the floor is made of concrete, not asphalt, it should be constructed in such a way that it will not crack and the upper part so it should be smoothed and joints should be made. The joints should be filled so that it won’t crack the acrylic cover with future dilations.

Applying Acrylic Floor Requires Expertise!

Anyone can claim to do any work, but the important thing is whether it is done correctly. There are different types of flooring available for sports fields. Acrylic floors are one of these types of floors. Acrylic flooring is used for indoor and outdoor sports facilities.

Both hard and flexible floors can be created and the desired properties can be given to the field. It is a kind of floor used in many sports facilities with different color options and it is also economical. The area where the acrylic floor will be applied should be asphalt and the coating should be made on top of the asphalt. Asphalt should be poured and rested in advance. This type of floor is a must for professional competitions, reducing and eliminating foot, waist and similar injuries that harm the players’ health.

You can make serious contributions to your health by running regularly. Running strengthens the immune system and also reduces the risk of developing cancer and similar diseases. Eating un-healthy, consuming harmful substances and being inactive causes deterioration of your body structure. When you stay active, you have a higher chance of being more vigorous.

What Are the Most Important Health Benefits of Running?

  • Running provides a fit body and increases your condition by improving your breathing.
  • If you run regularly, you will not gain weight and you will not be obese; it becomes easier to cope with diseases such as blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes.
  • It helps to regulate the pulse and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  • When regularly running, fat burning accelerates and weight loss occurs more. If you have the chance of cycling and swimming, you can burn calories faster.
  • The body’s bone system becomes stronger and more active when you run regularly.
  • Running regularly reduces stress and blood sugar levels.
  • If you run continuously, the heart becomes larger and stronger. Regular running lowers the pulse, the heart becomes less worked. The more economical the heart is, the more useful it is.
  • All physical exercises secrete endorphins, including running. Endorphin: a natural substance that provides happiness and causes a higher energetic perception of the human being. People who run are happier than those who do not. Most runners feel unhappy when they do not run.
  • Running makes all your physique structure look beautiful and healthy. As a result of running, you can overcome the difficulties. If you have a better physical structure, you can stand against all difficulties physically and spiritually without readily.
  • Running regularly allows you to set goals and struggle for that goal. The greatest happiness of life passes through setting certain goals. For your health, to lose weight, whatever you’re running for the race, you have a goal.
  • Running may seem to be a personal sport, but it can create social environments. Regular joggers often meet each other and create social environments.
  • Every form of sport strengthens the physical structure as well as the spiritual structure. Running increases self-esteem. People who engage in sports can also encourage other people to do so.

How Should the Running Ground Be?

Running surfaces should be anti-slip. The lines of the running ground must be resistant to fading and must be shock-absorbing in order to avoid the risk of injury if dropped. Running tracks are generally; municipalities, ministries, building complexes, schools, sports clubs and so on. Beginners and professional jogging athletes may sometimes not find the grounds to jog. By investing in jogging tracks and sports fields, you can earn serious future income. If you want to have a running track, you should make a discover before doing a meticulous research. After the discovery, you should make your decision and start working as soon as possible.

In the past there were games played on hard concrete grounds and children playing on sand. Now, with the advancement of technology, the soil types began to expand. Children playgrounds, basketball courts and tennis courts must have flexible floors, otherwise those who fall may be injured.

Properties of Rubber Flooring

  • Must have flexible structure.
  • Has shock absorbing feature.
  • Non-slip and has no obstacles to be tripped.
  • Sound insulation.
  • Not affected by sunlight, water and moisture.
  • Nonflammability.

Areas Where Rubber Floors Are Used

Children playgrounds and parks, walkways, bicycle paths, nursery, kindergarten and school gardens, shooting ranges, fitness halls, parking lots, garage floors, pool sides, animal shelters, overpasses, multipurpose halls, cow mats and rubber floors in paddocks it is used.

How Is Rubber Flooring Applied?

There are many types of rubber floors. Let’s learn all types of rubber first. Tile, hexagon, lock, puzzle, block, roll and tartan floor types can be produced. The ready-made ones can be laid on the floor, except for the cast in place rubber. First of all, the rubbers are applied to the upper part of the concrete floor, which is cleaned from moisture and dust, with a rubber glue brush. Have you ever wondered how rubber floors are cleaned? Rubber floors can be cleaned beautifully with plenty of detergent water and a mop.

What should rubber floors be priced for? Rubber floor price may vary according to several criteria. The price of the material may vary according to the color, shape and thickness of the product used. In order to get the price of the rubber flooring that you can make to a company as a turn-key system provider, you should make a research in advance.

Sports activities on sports grounds may vary according to the quality and healthy texture of the grounds. If the ground is problematic, it causes ligament, muscle and cartilage injuries for players. The sports ground should be flexible so that impacts during falls do not cause injuries.

Block rubber floors are widely used in indoor gyms and fitness areas. As it is shock absorbing and soundproof, sports equipment does not make sound when it falls and does not damage the floor.

In the kindergartens and games halls on the upper floors, thick rubber should be placed on the floors in order not to let the sound transition. Since it is a non-combustible product, it is highly demanded. Rubber can be coated in sports halls and places where children are studying and on stairs.

The most beautiful feature of the product is that it is not affected by any natural phenomena, so it is used in all outdoor parks, walking and cycling paths. Resistant to sunlight, rubber floors do not encounter any problems even under snow in winter. As it is a very abrasion resistant product, especially municipalities use it frequently. Rubber floors are used in some parts of the places that are frequently closed to crowded pedestrian traffic where people live frequently. Since rubber floor work requires expertise, it should not be made for everyone. By finding the right companies, you can have a quality product and application.

Making a sports field is a matter of specialization. Gym floor types can be different from each other. In order for an player to compete in a sports hall or field, one must first be safe from injury. With a good level of stretching and a soft, shock-absorbing ground, the range is ideal for sports. If you fall while doing sports, it loads on the joints and bones, and injury and fracture may occur. If you want to have a flexible floor, you can use floor types such as PVC, polyurethane, acrylic, tartan, rubber, grass carpet. First of all, you should start by deciding which ground type to use.

Wooden Sports Floor

The indoor sports halls where ball games are played are usually covered with wood. The fact that the wood is not as hard as concrete makes this material usable. Wooden halls can be made according to the shape and quality of sports halls. Oak and maple are the most frequently used floor types in sports halls. This type of flooring used in basketball, volleyball, handball gymnastics and squash sport is also widespread in the fields of professional clubs.

PVC Sports Floor

PVC flooring, which is frequently used in flooring of sports fields, can be made in different thicknesses according to need. There are many alternatives of color and pattern options. PVC which is used on sports floors. Football, gymnastics, aerobics, yoga, basketball, handball, volleyball and similar sports facilities are all used in this type of floor.

Acrylic Sports Floor

Hard and flexible floor can be formed with this material applied for both outdoor and indoor sports halls according to the condition of the field. It can be applied on concrete or asphalt floor up to 3 cm thickness. Due to its hygienic, non-slip and flexible material, it is also resistant to all climatic conditions. It is resistant to rain, snow and all of the natural events. When maintained regularly, it maintains its feature for many years. It is a kind of ground used in basketball, handball, bowling, handball, bocce, track and field, tennis court and multi-purpose fields.

Polyurethane Sports Floor

It is a very effective coating material which has high abrasion resistance and can be cleaned hygienically. Polyurethane applied to the related places in bulk does not form joints. It is especially preferred because it is very suitable for sports played with the ball. Regular maintenance can be used for a long time. Handball, basketball, tennis, wrestling, gymnastics and multi-purpose sports hall is a kind of ground.

Rubber Sports Floor

This flexible floor type is a floor type which can be used continuously and has a very durable surface. Thanks to its absorbing property against impacts, it prevents injury of too many players. Because the ball bounces easily on the surface, too many sports can be easily played on this field. It does not hold water on this type of floor and passes it to the bottom floor. Tennis courts, multi-purpose sports fields, basketball courts, running tracks, athletics tracks are made with rubber floors.

With the developing technology, different types of soils have begun to emerge. These soil types may vary according to their usage areas. When examined the types of soils, the main desired feature is; no injuries and easy movement of people. In particular, it is useful to have flexible ground in sports fields. We’d like to introduce you to the rubber flooring system. What is rubber flooring? Rubber floor covering: is a rubber based floor covering type which is formed by the combination of granular and polymer materials applied in places where flexibility and elegance is required.

Rubber flooring is made of two different basic materials called SBR and EPDM. Speaking of two terms, let’s explain them… First let’s start with EPDM Rubber flooring. EPDM Rubber Floor: It is colored with the milk of the rubber tree and granulated, combined with polymer binder and applied as a second layer on the SBR floor. SBR Rubber Floor: It is formed by blending the granules obtained from recycling with binder and pressing them at certain temperatures.

What Is Rubber Flooring?

Rubber floor covering; is a type of covering that is suitable for continuous use, resistant to abrasion, long living compared to other floor coverings. Shock absorbing properties will prevent injuries and mutilations that may occur by falling.

Rubber Floor covering is used in children playgrounds, outdoor parks, indoors, fitness halls, multipurpose fields, basketball courts, volleyball courts, pathways and many other areas you can think of. Rubber floors are used not only in sports facilities and parks, but also in breeding farms.

How Rubber Flooring Is Produced?

Granule, iron, oxide and dye are pigmented and binder is added and pulped with mixing. The formed mixture is pressed at certain temperatures and thicknesses and rubber flooring is produced. It can be manufactured on-site as well as with the help of molds. Rubber flooring is environmentally friendly and recyclable. The rubber flooring, which has no side effects to nature, is easily used in all areas.

What Are The Types Of Rubber Flooring?

Rubber, which can be produced in various sizes and shapes, is also produced by casting in-place. Tiled floors are often used with dimensions of 40×40-50×50. Block rubber is often used in coatings, usually 50×10-100×100 sizes are produced. Lock rubber flooring, hexagon, puzzle, roller and tartan, also known as cast rubber flooring, are known and produced floor coverings.

Rubber floor coverings can also be produced in special ways. It is very important that the floor to be covered is flat. If the floor is not flat, there will be bulges on the floor and will be stumble onto everyone’s feet. The thickness of the area to be covered must be selected correctly. The places to be constructed by casting should be project designed in advance. Failure to perform any prior infrastructure work can cause serious damage to the rubber floor coverings. If you choose the companies that do the right and guaranteed works, you will not experience serious financial losses. Rubber flooring companies, which attach importance to after-sales services, are one step ahead of their competitors.

tartan floor playgrounds

It is necessarily important that the sports floors are flexible and do not harm the athletes. Flexible floors are not only important for athletes but children. Acrylic and tartan floors are the most commonly used among other different countless floor types. There should be some kind of floor, not only for athletes, but also for those who want to go on a walk and to ride a bike, which they will not be injured when they fall. Let’s learn more about acrylic and tartan floors.

How are Acrylic Sports Floor Coverings?

Acrylic floor type which is designed for athletes is being used too much. This ground which is used in sports areas; is decorative, aesthetic, hygienic, non-slip, natural events, non-wound, resistant to chemicals and density, is not affected by temperature differences, very durable ground and road pavement. Acrylic floors, which are widely used on bicycle paths and in walking areas, it can be easily applied. It’s applied to the upper part of the pavement in 2-3 various colors with asphalt and special primer.

Acrylic ground covering can be applied on roll and rubber floor. Why such an implementation is being done? As soon as this implementation is performed, the flexibility and shock absorbency of the floor increases further. Ground work; The system which is completed with modified synthetic surface regulator and the final coat of dying.
Acrylic floor; It is a multipurpose product which can be used in outdoor sports courts.

Where is Acrylic Sports Ground Coverings Used?

It is used in so many areas, however I will count the main used areas. Acrylic floors are frequently used in areas such as; basketball courts, volleyball courts, and handball courts, tennis courts, cinder tracks, walking areas, cycling routes, multi-purpose sports courts, skating roller tracks.

Acrylic Sports Floor Coverings

What is Tartan Rubber Sports Ground Coverings like?

Tartan floors are flexible besides they are slip and shock absorbing. The tartan floor structure, which is resistant to UV rays of the sun and does not cause any deformation, it’s spongy, therefore often used outdoors and sports areas. Tartan rubber ground covering is applied in two different structures. How is it applied? Tartan floor covering; is divided into two as SBR and EPDM. SBR tartan rubber floor covering; SBR is obtained with mixing the granules, PU binders and pigments in the dough consistency. The prepared admixture is applied on the pavement floor with the help of trowel. It’s necessary to decide in which thickness it’s being applied. The SBR rubber floor is absolutely water-resistant and non-slip.

How SBR and EPDM Tartan rubber floor covering is made? Let’s talk about it a bit more. As mentioned above, SBR is applied to the substratum. The mixture formed with EPDM, PU and granule binder is applied to surface course. It increases the durability of the applied tartan floor far too much. There’s no discolouration due to material quality in EPDM system. Since it is a natural product as of its structure, it has no harmful effect on health.

Tartan Rubber Floor Covering Made For What Areas?

As well as there are many areas of use, there are also areas which is often used areas. So what are these areas? In Basketball courts, volleyball courts, tennis courts, cycling paths, walkways, golf courses, children’s parks, children’s playgrounds, school gardens, school stairs, multi-purposed courts and cinder tracks are used very much.


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There are many products that can be produced with rubber; from shoes, floor types, ornaments, space coatings, and much more product can be made with rubber. Possibly, you can see rubber floor in areas such as, walking paths, basketball courts, volleyball courts and especially in the parks around you and in other similar areas. Moreover, rubber doesn’t have a stable color so it’s highly possible to run across with multicoloured and patterned rubber floors. As long as the desired colors and patterns are pre-determined. So, what is a rubber floor? What are their features and where do they usually apply? Let’s try to learn in our article.

What Is It Like The Rubber Floors?

Especially in professional competitions around the world, it is possible to come across with rubber floors. This type of floor which prevents the injury and mutilation of athletes who are in motion is used in many areas.

The rubber flooring is soft and very aesthetic. It can easily be applied to desired indoor and outdoor places, besides, it has no harmful effect on health. If you are curious about the contents of rubber floors; it’s made with mixing the granular and polymer based materials.

In Which Areas The Rubber Floors Are Used?

Rubber floors are used in many areas. Apart from the mentioned, you can use it anywhere else. Rubber floors are used in the parks, city interiors walking roads and coastal walking roads. Children’s playgrounds, fitness centers, kindergarten gardens, main entrance of barracks, pool sides, garden entrances, basketball halls, football fields, tennis courts, shooting ranges, animal mats are made with this type of floor. Furthermore, rubber floor coverings are also used in cow bed and paddock.

What Are The Rubber Floor Features?

The most leading feature of the rubber floors is that they are flexible, in this way, they have a suspension feature. It has a shock absorbing feature when the athlete falls. It’s neither strict nor very soft material. The ball can easily jump over the ground, however it is not a very strict ground. It can be produced easily in any desired colors and patterns. The modification can be started in the area. One of the biggest features is that it is long lasting and durable. It is a type of floor with very high abrasion resistance and the discoloration supported with antioxidants. The product is suitable for outdoor conditions; not affected by rain, sun and snow. One of the most magnificent features of the product is that it does not hold water on it and it does not cause any slip even if it is wet. Rubber floors which are suitable for heavy and continuous use have a longer life when compared to other floor coverings.

The product which is wear-resistant, is most demanded by children playgrounds. Children are the most valuable assets of everyone, therefore, both outside parks and play halls are often prefer rubber floors. The fact that children fall too much, rubber floors are ideally suited for them. Rubber floors, where children can easily fall and roll, are also commonly used in sports halls. By the way, rubber floors can be made in certain thicknesses. It is completely made according to your needs only. If desired, there may be lines on it. Not every company is an expert on rubber flooring! If you are going to get a rubber floor built, I would recommend you to contact the companies which produce the product and implement it directly.

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