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When you are decorating your home, flooring is as important as everything else. You want it to look good and go with your furniture, rugs and walls. So, you want it to look good. On the other hand, you want it to be easy to clean, and healthy. If you cannot decide what type of synthetic flooring you should choose considering those issues, we are here to help you. Synthetic flooring systems come with a variety of colors, patterns and materials that will make your home look even better while being suitable for usage in different types of rooms. Also, they pose no risk to you or your pets.

Types of Synthetic Flooring

Synthetic flooring systems have a wide range of areas of usage. So, there are many different types of synthetic flooring systems that will fit those areas.

  • Synthetic Flooring for Sports Fields: Synthetic flooring systems are quite popular in sports fields. Different sports require different types of flooring with different features. We produce our flooring systems in accordance with the rules of the sports, so the players can enjoy them both in amateur and professional sports fields. The most popular flooring systems for sports fields are acrylic surfaces, rubber surfaces, tartan surfaces, polyurethane surfaces and artificial grass. Many of those are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They are produced to be as comfortable as possible.


  • Synthetic Flooring for Playgrounds: Synthetic flooring systems are used commonly in playgrounds for kids or pets. As they provide a softer surface, they are perfect for those places where kids are running and playing. Most of the synthetic floorings for playgrounds is produced from rubber, but the way they are applied differs. They can be poured, applied as rolls or tiles. They come with different choices of color and they are non-toxic. That means, the synthetic floorings that are used in playgrounds are not harmful to children’s health.


  • Synthetic Flooring for Homes: Apart from playgrounds and sports fields, synthetic flooring systems are used in homes. As they can imitate the look of wood and come with different color options, they are suitable for different types of homes with different styles of decoration. The most popular type of flooring for homes is synthetic wood flooring. As the appearance of wood creates a beautiful environment in houses, many people prefer it. The biggest advantages of synthetic wood flooring are being non-harmful and being easy to clean.

Synthetic Flooring in Senegal and Tanzania

Synthetic flooring systems are used all over the world. In Africa, they are used in a variety of areas as they provide lots of advantages. They are cheap, they are sustainable and they look good. In countries of the Africa region, you can see synthetic flooring systems in stores, hospitals, schools, sports fields, parks and playgrounds.

Synthetic Flooring for Homes

In homes, synthetic flooring systems can be used both indoors and outdoors. Indoors, they can be preferred as the synthetic wood flooring that will complete the decoration of the home. And outdoors, they can be preferred as artificial grass that will make the garden look like it has natural grass. As the synthetic flooring costs are quite cheap, and they have many other advantages, people prefer them.

Synthetic wood flooring is quite popular all over the world. The most popular type of synthetic wood flooring is laminate. It is a type of flooring that is produced in layers. There are many color options for laminate, so whatever color your furniture is, you can complete the look of your home with laminates.

In the garden or terrace of your home, you can use artificial grass. Artificial grass is a material that looks like real grass. Its advantages make it more preferable than real grass. For example, in real grass turfs, you have to water the grass and cut it when needed. However, as the artificial grass turfs contain no real grass, they do not need maintenance. So, in the long run, artificial grass turfs are cheaper. Also, they are produced from recyclable and non-toxic materials. That means, it is totally safe for your children and pets to play in a garden with an artificial grass surface.

Lastly, of course, you can use the synthetic flooring types that are used in sports fields at your home if you are planning to build a playground for your children or pets, or an indoor gym. You can choose the type of material, pattern and color depending on your needs and preferences. As they are also easy to clean and non-toxic, you will not need to worry about health issues as long as you clean and maintain the flooring systems.

Synthetic Flooring Cost


Synthetic flooring costs differ depending on some different factors. The most important factor is the size of the area to be covered. Also, the type of material and other services (like installation) affect the total cost. Some customers can prefer installing the synthetic flooring by themselves, but we recommend getting some help from a professional team to avoid possible challenges that may cause some errors in the process. So, in order to get more information about our pricing, you can contact us through the phone number on our website, or you can fill the form.

Synthetic Flooring System Manufacturer in France

We carry the products that we produce in Turkey to France and many other countries. We export to 60 countries all over the world. We are working hard to produce high quality synthetic flooring systems for the best prices possible. Apart from the products, we also provide flooring system installation and maintenance services. You can trust our professional team to bring a new breath of fresh air to your project. With our affordable prices and cheerful staff, we assure you that you will be satisfied. So, if you are looking for a synthetic flooring manufacturer in France, you can contact us by filling the form on our website to get more information about our products and pricing.



In this article, we are going to explain what the benefits of recycled rubber flooring systems are and what the features of this flooring system have. First, we need to introduce your rubber flooring system and its features. To be honest this flooring system was not so much budget-friendly in the past but the more people have started to realize its multifunctional structure and features, the more the demand for this product got higher and the prices have become much more affordable than before. Nowadays most people have preferred using this flooring system in their gardens or children playgrounds or school’s sports courts etc. As you can understand this product has a wide range of usage areas due to its multifunctional structure. Now rubber flooring system costs are extremely budget-friendly and many people can afford it to add high quality to their living spaces.

As we mentioned before, you are able to use it in children’s playground areas as well as schools or walking paths and so on. But it would be so useful if this flooring system can be used in every playground area. Because in particular these areas likely to harbor bacteria. At this point, a recycled rubber flooring system for playgrounds is an extreme need. Because children always have free souls and they do not obey strict regulations or any borders in order to protect their health. They have behaved with their instincts and these urges into the playing exciting games and etc. Might lead them into some unhealthy areas. They can lie down on the ground or sit there. But unconsciously they might get some infections from these platforms. Because many flooring systems such as natural grass or whatever can hide these bacterias so successfully. Therefore, those fields might danger their fragile health.

What Are the Advantages of a Recycled Rubber Flooring System in Macedonia?


There are countless benefits to use this flooring system in particular in playground areas. The first point is about the cost. This system brings safety at affordable prices. Most people have started to prefer using them. The reason for this these products are useful, hygienic, budget-friendly, and good-looking. These revolutionary products have gained flexibility apparently because from time to time some models of recycled rubber flooring system are called recycled rubber flooring system rolls. This roll word is so important to understand how much they are flexible in order to change their forms. Therefore, you do not need to prefer using recycled rubber flooring system in only flawless flat surfaces. You might prefer using them in your living spaces in order to provide safety and security as well.

They are so long-lasting and have so strong resistance to any bad conditions. It does not slip, does not stick, is resistant to heat and burning. It is able to provide heat and also sound insulation. Tile rubber flooring products do not cause any damage in green areas therefore they can be used safely. It has a strong resistance to all weather conditions. They look always good because their appearances do not depend on the weather conditions. Therefore, you are able to use them in children’s playground areas as you are willing to. You can install them by rolling in any grounds and places. They can fit any floor type as a coverage system.

Where Do We Come Across Recycled Rubber Flooring Systems Mostly In Portugal?

It is frequently used in barns, basketball, volleyball, multi-purpose sports facilities, jogging, and walking paths. But it is not used the same type of flooring system in all these diverse areas. There are many different kinds of rubber flooring systems. Some of them are named lock rubber, tile rubber, hexagonal rubber, brick rubber, block rubber, roll rubber flooring, and so on. This flooring system can be used in silent places because it is able to absorb any kind of sound. For example, we can give libraries and workplaces. They have a flexible structure. It also protects the floor against chemicals and water and prevents it from being damaged. In addition, it can be produced resistant to factors such as burning.


Rubber floor system is so practical and easy to clean. It is among the most useful materials among the coating types and is frequently used in many places. In addition to their aesthetic appearance, rubber coatings are suitable for safety, healthy against bacteria and microbes, resistant to chemicals and water. Rubber materials with high electrical resistance do not produce sound when they are 2.5 mm thick. It is also suitable for use in places where silence is required. A recycled rubber flooring for playgrounds has features such as elastic structure, aesthetic appearance, and easy cleaning.

Why Is It Important to Choose a Recycled Rubber Flooring System for Playgrounds?

As we have mentioned before, this product protects its health with its hygienic structure. Also, the term of recycled is so significant in this point. Because if you prefer using a recycled rubber flooring system, you are able to protect the environment and ecological balance. As we all know that manufacturing of plastics is not ideal for our planet and this material can last thousand years in nature and destroy day by day. Therefore, if you choose this type, you can reduce the production of plastics and get a flooring system that is produced from already used plastics. It is worth it for our planet! Also not all companies have been producing this type of flooring system there you need to do a deep search for it. Surely we can recommend Integral Spor. This company has manufactured a wide range of products in this environment-friendly way and it has been exporting them to many countries such as the UK, the USA, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Russia, Italy, France, Spain, and many African countries. If you are willing to get a professional and high-quality service, you are able to contact them and make an appointment to get more information about their production process and offers on recycled rubber flooring systems.

sports flooring manufacturers - sports flooring costs - sports flooring in Africa

If you think that every flooring system can be suitable for every sports activity, you are on the wrong track, unfortunately. Each different sports activity has been requiring different ground features and flooring systems. According to the quality of the flooring system and material of sports flooring, the quality of sports activities can show dramatic changes. The more you approach this field carefully, the more you are able to achieve high-quality sports activities and matches or training processes. In this article, we are going to give some deep information about significant points to consider when you are willing to get a service from sports flooring manufacturers and what kind of different sports flooring systems should be used in diverse sports activities and fields.

Why Do People Should Be Careful in Choosing Sports Flooring Systems?

To be honest, most people still believe that they do not need to invest too much money in sports flooring systems but unfortunately they make mistakes. Because these people have been choosing the cheapest service which one of the average companies in the industry offer, then they come across so embarrassing results in the end. Even in the first three months, these people have been starting to face many technical and installation problems. But if these people had done some deep search about these companies’ offers and services, they would not have to try to solve these circumstances by themselves. Choosing a cheap floor is going to cause your server to seek new materials again in a short time. To be honest, the cheap goods are of poor quality, they are going to deteriorate in a short time and a new one is going to have to be bought, which cost more than the expensive goods. In other words, sports flooring costs should not be criteria when you decide which one is suitable for sports fields.

What Kind of Sports Flooring Systems Should Be Used for Sports Fields?

sports flooring manufacturers - sports flooring costs - sports flooring in Africa

We recommend the PVC flooring system, which is specially produced for indoor sports fields, increases the performance to even higher levels with its soft texture, makes less fatigue, and transmits fewer impacts to the knee caps and skeleton system. If we need to speak in general, in the sports court flooring for these activities, wood, PVC, acrylic, rubber, grass carpet, and so on materials might be preferred using. The first criterion determining which material to use is which sports art is going to be performed on the floor and the second criterion is the location of the sports field as indoor and outdoor areas. Each of these sport court flooring systems has so many characteristic features and if we do not know these details definitely we are going to make a wrong choice for the sports fields.

But PVC flooring system also largely prevents damage to the joint and lateral ligaments. It is also the reason for preference and priority with its easy-to-apply feature, long-lasting and durable structure, and stance that is not affected by friction. These applications, which constitute the most suitable choice for the floor of all kinds of sports fields, especially fitness gyms, volleyball, basketball courts, and tennis courts, are sports flooring materials that give the most perfect and successful results with their colorful and aesthetic texture.

PVC sport court flooring is one of the excellent materials to cover indoor sports halls. This type of flooring looks aesthetic and homogeneous and it is a budget-friendly material due to its different color and pattern options and thicknesses in addition to its ease of application. In the flooring of both indoor and outdoor sports fields might be a good idea to consider acrylic sports flooring material. This kind of sports court flooring system can be applied on asphalt or concrete ground in 3 mm thickness. 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm thick PVC floorings are used for indoor sports flooring materials. They are shock-absorbing flooring materials that will not tire the athlete and protect them from impacts because they are soft. Square meter prices vary as the thickness and quantity of PVC flooring increase. Two colors can be preferred to add a different atmosphere to sports fields. The special pattern can be made from the colors you are willing to. You are going to never get tired while doing sports with PVC flooring materials special for sports fields. This product is going to provide you a good sports experience with its shock-absorbing and intensive use structure.

What Kind of Sports Flooring in Africa Is There?

sports flooring manufacturers - sports flooring costs - sports flooring in Africa

Many countries do not have convenient climate conditions in order to do outdoor sports, therefore indoor sports flooring systems are preferred in these regions. If we need to mention sports flooring in Africa, there are many pieces of information about indoor sports flooring systems. As we mentioned before, PVC sport court flooring is one of the excellent materials to cover indoor sports halls. This type of flooring looks aesthetic and homogeneous and it is a budget-friendly material due to its different color and pattern options and thicknesses in addition to its ease of application.

How Much the Sports Flooring Costs in This Industry?

PVC sports flooring, which is a durable and high-quality flooring material for sports halls, is calculated per m2 unit price. Its prices, including labor and materials, vary according to how many square meters the work is and in which province. At this point, you are able to get informed by a company which you are willing to work. In Turkey, we recommend Integral due to its discipline, high-quality products, and expert team. This very experienced company has been exporting to many diverse countries all around the world such as Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, Nigeria. Due to its top-quality services, flexibility, and wide range of business networks, this company has been extending its business network all around the world day by day. If you are willing to get a professional service and product in this field, you need to contact this company and get well informed in an appointment by asking questions in your mind.

rubber sports flooring - sport court flooring - wooden sports flooring

The quality of the sports court flooring system has directly important influences on the health of athletes as well as the quality level of sports activities. In particular, the sports court flooring systems should be considered as much as possible before the design of the sports courts. Because this tiny factor has affected all these important elements such as the health of athletes and the quality level of sports activity. Due to intense interaction of the ground and shoes are so essential factors to have loads on the feet and legs. This unhealthy connection and interaction might cause some serious injuries to the muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, and cartilages if we need to speak in a related terminology.

The flexibility of the sports ground and its friction level are other crucial elements on this issue. In other words, it is not enough to choose a good level sport court flooring system, you are going to need to check some tiny detail in the consideration phase. If sports court flooring has a good level in terms of elasticity, this feature and low friction level significantly reduce burdens on the bones and joints. While the softer floor might have protective properties against the overdose usage circumstances, the high friction resistance of the sports court flooring might increase the potential injury.

rubber sports flooring - sport court flooring - wooden sports flooring

If we need to speak in general, in the sports court flooring for these activities, wood, PVC, acrylic, rubber, grass carpet, and so on materials might be preferred using. The first criterion determining which material to use is which sports art is going to be performed on the floor and the second criterion is the location of the sports field as indoor and outdoor areas. Each of these sport court flooring systems has so many characteristic features and if we do not know these details definitely we are going to make a wrong choice for the sports fields. In this article, we are going to explain what kind of sports court flooring systems are used in sports fields and what kind of features they have. Besides these spots, we are going to inform you on which one the most suitable option for a certain sports activity.

Where Is the Wooden Sports Flooring System Used?

In general, this kind of floor coverage system is preferred using in indoor sports courts such as basketball courts, volleyball courts, and so on. The most crucial point is that the wood has not so hard structure and it allows to get some flexibility. Besides this feature wooden sports flooring systems have to get damages or cracks so easily. Due to its high-level flexibility, this flooring system might be preferred for a dance floor. Because this floor coverage system creates a springy ground and it so suitable for any kind of dance.

The most common materials which are used in sports courts are oak and maple. If there is a certain need, a special flexible gum tree layer and asbestos coating can be placed under the coating. You can come across wooden sports courts flooring systems easily in volleyball, squash, basketball, gymnasiums, dance floors, handball courts.

Where Are the Rubber Sports Flooring Systems Used?

Rubber sports flooring system is quite suitable for heavy and constant usage to any level and this kind of floor coverage system is going to have much more durability and long-lasting structure than all other products in this industry. But rubber sports flooring has another groundbreaking feature that makes it so attractive to the clients when we compare it with other flooring systems. With the help of absorbing impact, rubber sports flooring reduces athlete’s injuries due to falls.

It can be used in any type of sports activity and courts. It does not matter whether this activity is indoor and outdoor sports activity. Rubber sports flooring systems might be preferred in tennis courts, basketball and multi-purpose sports fields, jogging tracks, athletics tracks, and so on. Because rubber sports flooring allows spreading the ball bouncing over the complete sports hall. With its adjustable stiffness quality, it does not cause muscle and joint fatigue in walking and other activities. Thanks to the grooves designed to pass the water underneath, its surface always remains dry.

How Many Sports Courts Flooring Systems Are There?

rubber sports flooring - sport court flooring - wooden sports flooring

Except for the wooden and rubber sports courts flooring systems, there are many diverse floor coverage systems in the industry. For instance, PVC sport court flooring is one of the excellent materials to cover indoor sports halls. This type of flooring looks aesthetic and homogeneous and it is a budget-friendly material due to its different color and pattern options and thicknesses in addition to its ease of application. In the flooring of both indoor and outdoor sports fields might be a good idea to consider acrylic sports flooring material. This kind of sports court flooring system can be applied on asphalt or concrete ground in 3 mm thickness. Acrylic flooring, which is highly resistant to climatic conditions and thermal changes, looks quite aesthetic and hygienic.

Another type of flooring coverage system is the tartan floor which is extremely preferred due to its high flexibility. Moreover, this flooring system has many attractive features such as impact absorbency, UV resistance, non-deformable structure in thermal differences, hygienic and environmentally friendly, easy to clean, and many others. The polyurethane coating is quite effective and protective and so much easier to clean when we compare it with other options. This sports court flooring is applied on concrete surfaces as a cast-in-place and it does not allow the creation of joints.

In light of all this information, we need to express another crucial detail: the company that you are going to work with! If you choose a professional team like Integral company, surely you can get informed well and access the best result with their experiences in this industry. With the countless exportations to the USA, the UK, France, Italy, Greece, Morocco, and others that this company has been managing, you can rely on this expert team.

Indoor playgrounds emerged from the idea that all children can throw off the high energy in winter. Playgrounds, also called indoor play centers or indoor playgrounds, are playgrounds located indoors. Game centers are generally located in places such as shopping malls and nurseries. It is designed to play, have fun, and therefore both learn, acquire new knowledge through teamwork, and release their energies. Thanks to their soft structures and sheltered play equipment, they are wrapped in soft foams to reduce the impact when children fall or jump. For this reason, indoor playgrounds are safer than outdoor playgrounds.

Starting in the USA in the 1990s, it has spread worldwide and has had great popularity. Starting with a simple indoor climbing frame, the areas have turned into entertainment centers with updated equipment for different age groups and a wide variety of games. Playgrounds have differences in terms of their features and sizes. Small indoor playgrounds can often be a soft play game structure, while large indoor playgrounds are a part of family entertainment centers. Some indoor playgrounds can span up to 10 thousand square meters.

What is a Safe Playground?

Children’s safety starts with their parents’ rules and control. Parents and supervisory adults should always be prepared and attentive when children play. Training on game rules is important. Children should be instructed not to push or make any other misconduct while on the playground and near or on equipment. To reduce the possibility of injury due to improper use of equipment, necessary precautions should be taken by providing training as much as possible.

Before a child starts playing in the playground, parents should visually examine the play equipment and the entire surrounding area and thoroughly examine the products and equipment they have found damaged, as well as other factors they perceive to be a danger. All equipment should be walked around for the children’s playground safety, and sharp – rusty or hard edges that may cause harm to children and cut, opened swing chains, loose joints, and opened bolts should be checked. Parents should be careful and always know what children are doing. Not even a second should go unnoticed.

Safe Playground Surfaces

Adults need to pay attention to some details for children to play in a safe environment. Adults should not allow children to play on hard surfaces such as asphalt and concrete, gravel, grass, or dirt. Surfaces that can absorb impacts are among the most preferred features of playgrounds. The playground flooring process made with sand, sawdust, and especially rubber material is the most reliable playground.

Rubber, which is used in almost every part of our daily life and has an important place in the industry, is flexible and durable. It has a wide range of applications from stationary vehicles to textile products, from automobile wheels to shoes.

What is Rubber?

Rubber is a natural substance obtained from the rubber tree. V-shaped slots are obtained in the bark of the rubber tree with the help of special blades. A substance with the appearance of milk flowing through these slits and called latex is collected. 30% of latex material consists of rubber. The rest is protein, resin, water, sugar, and ash. Preservatives are added for the continuation of this fluid liquid.

Afterward, the unwanted substances are removed. The rubber is combined with sulfur at high temperatures. The resulting material is formed into a layer so that the obtained rubber can become rubber.

What Are The Properties Of Rubber?

Thanks to its high elasticity, rubber has many different usage areas. The oil obtained from the melted material is used as a solvent in the subsequent processes. Almost all of the tires produced from rubber, whose name is pure rubber, which is common among the people, are pure. Rubber softens as its temperature is increased. When it reaches 180 degrees, it becomes sticky and melts at 220 degrees. Then, with the distillation process, rubber oil is obtained, and this oil is used as the rubber solvent.

In addition to all these, since rubber is not conductive for electrical current, it is widely used for insulation and insulation. Another feature of rubber is that it becomes plastic. The rubber’s getting oxygen through the air causes its aging. At first, the rubber’s surface becomes sticky, then it hardens and starts to crack. Flame does not affect rubber.

Usage Areas of Rubber

Each year, approximately a million tons of natural rubber and 7 million tons of synthetic rubber are produced to produce more than 50,000 different products that we use daily worldwide. It is used for cars, planes, trucks, tractors, and earth-moving machines, and bicycles. Apart from these, rubber is used to produce many materials such as shoes, sanitary items, toys, waterproof clothing, toys, and gloves. It is also used in insulation and insulation due to its durability, softness, adhesiveness, air and water impermeability, and does not conduct electricity.

Today, rubber, widely used as wood material, is also used in tire production due to its long life, water resistance, strength, and heat resistance. It is an indispensable substance in the automotive sector. This item, which is widely used in children’s playgrounds, is preferred due to its many advantages.

Where Is Rubber Flooring Used?

Rubber flooring is highly preferred in children’s playgrounds and outdoor activities. Tile rubber in 20, 25, 30, 40 mm thickness and 40×40 cm 50×50 cm dimensions is used as a flooring material. It is applied on flat concrete and ground. Indoor and outdoor sports areas and outdoor playgrounds and activities are the places where it is mostly used.

Rubber flooring applied to all areas requiring smooth, aesthetic, and suspended softness, except the children’s playground, walking/running tracks, kindergarten, nursery or other education and training institutions, disabled and rehabilitation centers, outdoor playground flooring, fitness, and sports ground protection used in halls.

How is Rubber Flooring Made?

Due to its elasticity and its protective properties to reduce the feeling caused by impact, rubber is generally the most preferred material for covering the playgrounds where children are and playing, school gardens, bicycle paths, shooting ranges, and tennis courts, as well as being quite healthy and safe compared to sand.

Rubber that does not form puddles even in the face of heavy rains is applied in a wide area as possible, as it creates a non-slip and dry floor. Delivered in disassembled form, the rubber floor is fast and easily repairable and does not deform at very high and low temperatures.

How is Rubber Flooring Made?

Due to its elasticity and its protective properties to reduce the feeling caused by impact, rubber is generally the most preferred material for covering the playgrounds where children are and playing, school gardens, bicycle paths, shooting ranges, and tennis courts, as well as being quite healthy and safe compared to sand.

Rubber that does not form puddles even in the face of heavy rains is applied in a wide area as possible, as it creates a non-slip and dry floor. Delivered in disassembled form, the rubber floor is fast and easily repairable and does not deform at very high and low temperatures.

Rubber Floor Application Method

After the factors such as color, thickness and shape are decided, the work starts with preparing the floor. Then the ground is made both flat and smooth. After a smooth and flat floor is obtained, the chemical adhesive is applied on the floor with a specially produced Marley comb, and it is started to be laid on it. Adhesive application and bonding are applied in a row spacing of 5 to 7 meters. Different bonding techniques can be used for different styles of rubbers. There are some rules to be considered during rubber application. The rubber floor material must be pressed at high pressure and temperature and have high UV properties.

Chamfering should be applied to the upper part of the rubber floor stones to form a joint. The thickness of the coating material is chosen 20/40 mm, and according to the drainage, rectangular and round bumps with a height of 5 mm are added to the bottom part to increase the adhesion strength to the floor. The rubber coating process is applied to the previously stuck floor with special polyurethane chemical adhesives. Less than 0.5 kg of chemical adhesive should not be used per square meter. The points where the pipes come from the playgroups are cut together, and it is ensured that the distance between them does not exceed 10 mm.

Rubber Playground Advantages

Thanks to its rubber elastic feature and shock absorbing feature, it is a useful playground rubber flooring type that can reduce the effect of traumatic injuries in areas such as children’s playgrounds, gyms, athletics tracks. It is cleaner and more hygienic than other floor covering materials. It can be easily cleaned thanks to the rain. It is effortless to repair in case of possible deterioration or wear. Outdoor playground flooring minimizes the possible injuries of children in possible falling and slipping situations.

Thanks to the softness of the floor, major accidents are prevented. While children can safely play games and healthily release their energy, parents can also be more comfortable. The rubber material is a material that can be used safely in many places. Its popularity is also increasing. It can be used easily wherever children and activities are present.

Rubber flooring materials are an essential coating material, also known as floor tiles. Rubber floor covering obtained from crushed rubber mass and binding polyurethane compound can also be referred to as a soft tiled coating. This high-quality product, whose main raw materials contain at least 50% rubber, is highly preferred. There are many reasons for choosing rubber flooring.

Rubber flooring is a type of rubber flooring, and its most obvious advantages are this feature. Like vinyl and other flexible materials such as linoleum, rubber flooring offers a durable and easy-to-clean surface suitable for harsh environments such as gyms, basements, playrooms, playrooms, and laundry and utility rooms. Some other special advantages of rubber flooring are: We have compiled each of the reasons in question for you. Now let’s examine the advantages of rubber flooring.

Advantages of Rubber Flooring


Perhaps the most common advantage of rubber flooring is that it is strong, robust, and durable under various conditions. Depending on the type of tile used and the environment in which it is installed, a suitable rubber floor can last 20 years or more.

– Easy Maintenance

Rubber floors are straightforward to maintain. Synthetic rubber flooring is generally more durable than natural rubber. Some strains can be polished with a water-soluble wax to make them more resistant to damage and discoloration. However, the wax must be removed periodically and reapplied. This greatly increases their own maintenance needs. Usually, only a damp mop will be sufficient to clean rubber floors. If you are using a chemical cleaning product, it is useful to consult the manufacturer first, as harsh detergents can damage the floor.

– Soft

Despite its durability, the rubber floor is soft. This is one of the main reasons why it is so popular for exercise rooms and playrooms. Generally, the thicker the floor, the softer it is. Some types of rubber flooring; added a fabric cushion, cork, or foam rubber substrate.

– Waterproof

Most rubber floors are highly resistant to moisture damage on both the top and bottom surfaces of the material. However, if you are drying under buildings such as basements, you may need to add a vapor barrier to prevent moisture from leaking below. Some rubber tiles are also produced specially treated to suit wet environments.

– Quiet

Outdoor rubber tiles floor’s elasticity makes it very quiet to walk on. It decreases the sounds coming from the shoes by increasing the walking comfort. When used in sports fields, it provides excellent ground conditions for athletes.

– Style Options

There are many styling options, and this decoration can be an advantage or a disadvantage depending on your goals. For many years, rubber flooring style options were largely available in glossy black or slate gray. However, today you can choose from various colors and textures, including coins, plates, and diamond fabrics. Some types imitate wooden floors or tiles. On the other hand, rubber floors do not offer as many color and design options as vinyl or linoleum.

Disadvantages of Rubber Tile Flooring

As with every product, there are various disadvantages to rubber tile flooring. However, we can clearly state that these disadvantages are less than advantages.

It is fair to say that rubber tiles a niche (unique) product in the flooring market. This means that there are far fewer manufacturers and dealers than large flooring materials, so fewer options are available. Rubber flooring is used much less frequently in homes. Other common disadvantages to consider regarding rubber tiles, which are used for the living space of most rubber tiles as well as for activity areas, are:

– Cost

Premium rubber flooring can be quite expensive. In this direction, after you decide whether you really need these tiles or not, you can choose the most suitable rubber tile flooring types for yourself. Our company will always determine the right options for you.

– Slip

Smooth, waterproof rubber floor tiles can be slippery when wet. This problem can be exacerbated if the floor is polished.

– Paint

While most rubber flooring is resistant to stains, some products can change the color of its surface. Strong detergents and abrasive cleaners can be particularly harmful to durable floors. Rubber floors can be painted with grease and oil. Since the flammability of the dyes may be in question for a while after this process is done in the kitchens, it is useful to take a break for a few days after the process is completed.

– Stitches

Rubber floor tiles can be water-resistant. However, the laid floor is covered with seams that can allow water to seep downstairs. This applies to all types of rubber floor tiles. It cannot be reliably sealed against moisture ingress. As such, it is not a perfect choice for very wet areas such as bathrooms with showers or bathtubs, or at least near a shower or bathtub.

Rubber Floor Covering Prices

Rubber flooring prices are among the most important issues that individuals are most curious about. If you want to make the most of the above-mentioned advantages of rubber flooring and get a perfect service, you are at the right address. Since its establishment, you can have the perfect rubber floor covering through our company, which has been providing the highest quality services to its customers.

It is not possible to give clear information about the prices of rubber flooring. These prices may vary according to the general characteristics of the products. In this direction, you can contact us via our sportsflooringsystem.com site to get detailed information about rubber flooring and to order. Our company, which is an expert in this field, will give you the best support.

rubber flooring

Rubber flooring is one of the precious options that can be used in different areas. It is necessary to look at these alternatives, which bring up precious options to design the floor in better quality and stable way. It is necessary to design the rubber floor applications, which is one of the most valuable solutions, especially for indoor sports halls and fitness centers, perfectly.
Flooring is one of the most valuable subjects in a gym. This is to achieve a better performance in sports and protect the health of the athlete. It is necessary to talk about what kind of a design process is related to the rubber floor, which is important for athletes to get a quality feel while standing on the ground.

If you want to perform a rubber floor application, it is necessary to place protective equipment between the floor and the rubber. This additional material, also known as underlayment in the literature, provides a healthier structure between the floor and the floor covering. As an investor, you should look at the details listed below to find the most valuable solutions for you!

Rubber Flooring Application Stages

When you want to take advantage of rubber floors, which are indispensable for sports fields, you should look at the best quality options. At this point, you should not forget that our company, which promises you the best, addresses you with options that will not wear out easily. Let’s take a look at what steps are important during a rubber floor application!

Flooring Preparation Processes

The floor of sports fields is perhaps one of the most important elements. Because the problems seen on the floor prevent the athletes from healthily doing sports, on the other hand, if the floor is not good enough, it causes various problems visually. If you want to achieve quality in this regard, you must perform meticulous floor preparation.

In order to prepare the floor, first of all, leveling operations are done, and the aim is to obtain a flat and smooth floor. At this point, while the necessary arrangements are made, concrete applications are also carried out at the last stage in terms of ground correction. While the necessary materials are purchased during the preparation stages, a solution is offered depending on the project.
Immediately after the necessary solutions are obtained for the floor application, preparations are made for the next stage. After the concrete application, it will be possible to obtain a perfect structure by performing the dried ground’s necessary processes. For this reason, the floor must be cleaned with post-concrete processes.

Floor Cleaning Stage

It should be mentioned that the second and most valuable stage related to floor applications will be floor cleaning. It is aimed to eliminate the floor unevenness that can be seen immediately after the application of concrete or other solutions. Before the rubber sheets are applied, the necessary solutions will be provided to ensure that the floor is smooth and good.
The most valuable solution related to rubber flooring in the sports field or hall is cleaning. Certain problems are likely to occur, especially due to the emergence of dust, dirt, and other pollutants on the ground. For this reason, the floor cleaning phase should be completed to obtain solutions, and action should be taken for a better quality solution in the next phase.

Floor Application

rubber floor mats

Rubber floor mats are one of the most important issues in floor applications. Thus, meticulousness should always be at the forefront to have better quality and higher standards in the application, which is the last step on the ground. So, what kind of a process is waiting for you regarding sports fields?
Although the floor was completely cleaned and provided quality solutions, the important thing here is to use a floor mat before application. The floor mat prevents the rubber floor from slipping. This makes it possible to benefit from a more stable option. If you want to obtain a quality floor structure and benefit from successful solutions, you can contact us for your project.

Where Is Rubber Gym Flooring Applied?

One of the most curious issues about rubber gym flooring applications is what kind of floors can be applied. At this point, our company, which prepares the ground for many different options, allows you to catch the quality in floor applications. To find out what kind of solutions you can benefit from in the context of your project, all you have to do is take a look at the different floor applications below!

– Rubber Application on Concrete Floor
If you want to take advantage of the best quality options for concrete floors, you should remember that you must first create a stable environment for rubber application. If you wonder which is the ideal option in choosing rubber floor options, the answer will undoubtedly be a concrete floor. Thanks to the flat and hard concrete floor, there will be no flexion.
Thanks to this solution, which is preferred in gyms, fitness centers, and some other areas, it will be possible to benefit from the ideal options. With the concrete floor, one of the most special solutions for many projects in terms of its longevity, you can choose to catch the best quality. Especially benefiting from the quality of concrete creates options beyond your expectations.

– Rubber Application on Wood Floor
While wood is one of the most preferred options in human life, it is also precious for rubber. In cases where you want to apply rubber but do not know how to find a solution, you should know that the only thing you need to do is choose wooden floors. Wood and rubber are options that can be integrated in a quality way.

To integrate rubber and wood, all you have to do is place a correct floor mat between the two elements. Because there is a deficiency related to the floor mat’s application, which will cause problems instability, you can create wonders for your project by contacting our company for the highest quality applications related to wooden floors.

– Rubber Application on Ceramic Floor
Although ceramic is a slippery and flashy flooring option, the main issue to be considered to get the maximum benefit from this alternative is to apply the right solution. It is necessary to focus on certain details to integrate this solution, which provides quality in itself, with rubber.
While our company provides the most successful solutions, it provides better quality alternatives instead of removing the ceramic and applying it to it. Moreover, thanks to a perfect solution placed between the ceramic and rubber floors, slipping, flexing, or other problems are eliminated.
To achieve the best in rubber applications on ceramic, you should definitely apply to our company. You can open the door to quality options to eliminate the judgment that it is impossible to apply rubber on ceramics, which is in many investors’ minds.

How are the Rubber Floor Prices?

rubber gym flooring

Rubber flooring is one of the most valuable options that means quality, high performance, and perfection. In this sense, we recommend that you remember that the important detail needed to achieve quality will be pricing. Well, what kind of road map should be followed regarding the price.
It is essential to look at what can be done to produce solutions by considering the most important price policy issues. In this sense, you should examine the main factors affecting the price below. In this way, you can capture the advantages of obtaining success-oriented options by providing both your project and producing quality solutions.

Size of Area

One of the most important issues to be considered about rubber flooring applications is the area’s size. In this context, it is possible to apply to us for your project and get a solution. You are likely to benefit from an expert point of view, especially if the space is large enough to lead to different prices.
All you need to do to provide the highest quality options for your project is to provide quality and high standards. In this context, we recommend that you contact us.

Material Quality To Be Used

One of the most important options for rubber flooring applications is the quality of the material to be used. Our company, which produces solutions to achieve the best standards in material quality, accomplishes very successful works to find solutions to your demands. This is actually valuable in carrying your privileges too much higher quality points.
If you want to have a quality and successful project, the most valuable thing you need to do is contact us. Our company strives with all its strength to achieve quality and to offer successful alternatives in your projects. All you have to do is contact us to take advantage of the advantages. For details and projects, you can reach us on our ledscreenpanels.com site or our phone number +90 (212) 678 13 13, and you can always get support from our expert team.

sports flooring

Sports flooring application is an important issue in order to make all kinds of activities in indoor sports, perfect. This is especially true for activities that can only be done in indoor places. The most important aspect of these floors used in sports halls is that they have been developed to protect the health of athletes. Thanks to the smooth and non-slippery floors, it is possible for the athletes to compete in a healthy way. Moreover, it is possible to achieve higher performance with less effort thanks to these floors.
While it is possible to plan a floor system for important sports branches such as basketball, volleyball and handball with a wooden sports floor, the most important issue here is to apply the right project in the most correct way. Because the wrong design of the ground will negatively affect not only the athletes but also the entrepreneurs who make the investments.
In order to invest in a sports field and take advantage of the most exclusive options, you should discover quality wooden floors. You can contact us to obtain a ground with appliance to FIBA standards. In this way, you can benefit from both better quality and more successful solutions. Now let’s take a look at what are the best options for wooden sports flooring!

Parquet Floor for Indoor Sports Halls

sports flooring

If you want to benefit from sports field floor applications, you should know that the most valuable option will be parquet flooring. You should know that the most special option you can choose for parquet floors will definitely be parquets with a thickness of 50 – 65 mm. This parquet, which consists of 4 main layers and is very simple to apply, can list the layers as follows. Moisture mat, rubber block, plywood, solid parquet, varnish and lines. The rest of the pieces, which are considered as 4 main layers, aim to add functionality to the floor.
Thanks to the appliance with FIBA standards, the ball bounces very well on this floor, which has a very high wear resistance. Thanks to its ability to be used for many years, it becomes one of the indispensable sports field options. The most attractive feature of this option, which can be used for up to 15 years when properly maintained, is that it is suitable for both professional basketball courts and other sports.

Indoor Sports Hall PVC Floor

The most important aspect of PVC floor applications is their compliance with FIBA standards. They are mostly preferred for the colorful areas in basketball courts. It should be mentioned that this floor, which consists of 3 layers and is 6 – 8 mm thick in total, is comfortable and hygienic. While improving the performance of the players, it also opens the door to very successful solutions thanks to its shock absorption.

This alternative also draws attention with its waterproof feature. It protects the health of athletes thanks to its anti-bacterial properties. In addition, the low maintenance costs of these floors enable sports halls to turn into more successful and profitable investments. You can open the door to privileged services, especially with PVC flooring, which is indispensable for indoor sports halls.

PU Floors for Indoor Sports Halls

PU floor is used to obtain a better quality sports hall floor and is one of the most preferred options in sports court flooring processes. It draws attention with the fact that it consists of 4 different layers and its thickness varies between 10 and 13 mm. PU floor is one of the options designed in accordance with FIBA standards and managed to attract attention with this aspect.
It opens the door to very successful solutions in the floor structure because it has a comfortable use and also brings hygiene to the front. In terms of ensuring the safety of the athletes, especially the high shock absorption makes this alternative stand out. The success of this floor covering is at the forefront thanks to the fact that the high impact absorbency also shows itself in the wear resistance.

Among the sports field flooring options, it will be possible to establish a sports hall thanks to the PU floor! It is suitable for both warm and cold climates. It is very valuable that the maintenance costs are very low and the door opening for many years of use where it is applied. You can contact us immediately to benefit from successful solutions.

FIBA Approved Systems

Wooden sports flooring one of the most effective options that comes to mind when it comes to wooden sports flooring is the carcass building system, which is a FIBA approved system. The most advantageous aspect of these options, which protects the athlete’s health and allows a better quality system, is that they can be applied even to a large field. It is possible to obtain a quality floor in this alternative where moisture barrier application is available.

When looking at the color options, it should be mentioned that the alternatives of oak, beech and maple come to the fore. For this reason, this FIBA approved systems opens the door to very high quality applications. If you want to benefit from this flooring choice while making your sports hall investments, you should definitely choose FIBA approved carcass systems.

You Can Choose Us for Wooden Sports Floor Solutions!

If you want to open the door to quality and successful services, there are so many things you need to do! Choosing a floor type is almost as important as building a sports hall. As a brand that takes action with the desire to be one of the most successful brands in the sector, we emphasize we focus on quality. We continue to produce very successful solutions considering the best wooden floor demands from you.
If you want to take advantage of quality and high standards when choosing a wooden sports floor, you can contact us. Not only do we open the door to the best flooring applications in sports halls, but we also take action to be successful. In particular, we adopt a perspective that will allow you to benefit from successful alternatives by making the right choices. Moreover, we wish to offer the best solution to your demands with our affordable prices.

fake grass, green grass, artificial grass

The use of fake grass is one of the high-quality solutions that can be used in various ways in sports fields. It is necessary to mention about the special solutions related to how and why to use and prefer these grass, which is the most valuable feature of the grass, is, it facilitates human life and does not pose any risk thanks to its health standards.
Like almost everyone who wants to take advantage of solution-oriented options in sports field construction and other issues, you can focus on alternatives that will bring quality to the forefront. You will be able to access the most accurate information about fake grass, which promises appropriate solutions in different sports branches and is very successful in this respect. If you are wondering what to do for success, quality, durability and long-lasting use, we recommend you to take a look at the exquisite solutions we offer to you.
Considering the fake grass and similar grass options, it is necessary to know what this type of grass is and what kind of features it has in order to use the most valuable options for you. In this way, it will be ensured that any question marks related to fake grass to be used will be eliminated.

What is Fake Grass, Why is It Preferred?

Fake grass can be considered as one of the very high quality options that have similarities and differences with natural grass. In this sense, it is clear that the most successful choices can be made about fake grass, which is considered among the indispensables of sports fields. Considering the properties of the grass used in the construction of sports fields, the following should be expressed.
It is necessary to make the right choice about fake grass, which does not risk the athlete’s health and opens the door to very high-quality options. Because fake grass, which does not end with counting features full of privileges, is produced in different types and qualities, it directly affects human life. The issue to be considered at this point should be the type of grass supplied.
Our company offers you valuable solutions about green grass and opens the door to alternatives that will increase the value of your usage areas. For this reason, it will be necessary to choose a product that meets the purpose of use rather than a standard product. So how can you do that? Of course, it will be possible to get these solutions by getting support from our company’s professionals.

What Are The Reasons To Prefer Green Grass?

fake grass, green grass, artificial grass


In the minds of almost everyone who wants to prefer green grass, there will be advantages to choosing these grass models. Our company, which opens the door to valuable options in this regard, promises you a solution by taking into account the principles of quality, usefulness and reasonable price.
You can bring high-quality to the forefront by choosing the most suitable model for sports fields and all other facilities. When you supply green grass from our company, which accepts the main duty of producing solutions in the most valuable issues for you, it is possible to benefit from the products that attract attention with the following features. For this reason, we recommend that you carefully evaluate the features.

Long Lasting

It stands out with its longevity, which is one of the most curious issues of almost everyone who wants to use green grass. In order to maintain quality and to sign options that will not cause any problems in sports fields for a very long time, it is necessary to make use of options suitable for sports activities.
In order to ensure longevity, the use of grass in sports fields is provided by taking into account the conditions such as resistance to sunlight, friction and contact wear. Maximum performance will be obtained in terms of supporting longevity in the grass application stages to be carried out by taking all these details into consideration.

Low Maintenance Costs

It should be stated that the most important issues to be considered regarding the use of artificial turf are costs. In this case, the low maintenance costs are one of the most important reasons for using artificial turf instead of natural grass. When using natural grass, different maintenance needs to be done in summer and winter.
As natural grass is a living plant and is affected by environmental factors, it can be said that the increase in demand for artificial turf is gradually peaking. For this reason, if a new sports facility is to be built or if there is a change of grass after maintenance and repair work in the sports facilities, the choice should be made of artificial turf. Despite the precautions taken in the sports facilities, take action to purchase the special privileges that will be provided for you by the artificial turf, which will be preferred due to the damage to the grass, at affordable prices!

Least Affected by Seasonal Changes

fake grass, green grass, artificial grass

Seasonal changes are one of the most important determinants of natural grass damage. It should be emphasized that while the natural grass turns yellow and peels when the sun’s rays are very burning, muddying is at the forefront in the winter months. For this reason, a significant number of people resort to invaluable solutions related to the use of artificial turf.
When using artificial turf, quality and usability are at the forefront regardless of the season. It is definitely not possible to hear a saying that the situation of the field is not suitable when using artificial turf, because the presence of snow, rain or sun does not cause a situation that will cause damage to the grass. For this reason, using artificial turf in areas where seasonal changes are severe opens the door to much more successful solutions.

More Resistant to Friction

Friction will be one of the most common issues in training and sports fields. It is observed that athletes interfere with each other while training or encounter problems due to friction in areas where they exhibit various movements on the grass. Artificial turf should be used in order to eliminate the effect of friction on natural grass.
Thanks to the use of artificial turf, problems caused by friction are eliminated and the grass can be used for a longer period of time. It will be necessary to state that this product, which will be preferred in order to protect the health of athletes and to benefit from better quality solutions, is of higher quality compared to many other options in terms of budget.

Artificial Turf Can Be Applied More Practically

One of the most important reasons for using artificial turf is the ease encountered during application. This supports you in carrying the solutions of investors and managers in sports fields to a more perfect point. One of the most important issues you should consider in order to benefit from the most suitable options for you with quality, high performance and valuable solutions is undoubtedly the affordable price. For detailed information and questions, you can reach us on integralspor.com.

artificial grass, synthetic grass, astro turf, fake grass

Would you like to take advantage of options that will bring quality to the forefront by purchasing artificial grass? Our company allows you to meet the best products and reveals the features of the best products with special solutions and quality options for you!
Artificial grass is one of the more useful and quality options than natural grass. Offering much more valuable and quality options than its counterparts in terms of usability, artificial grass is valuable for almost everyone. We support you with our knowledge so that you can take advantage of options that will reveal this value and keep the performance at the top depending on the area of use.
You will be able to find out which of the most valuable types of artificial grass produced by our company is ideal for you. Moreover, when choosing the most suitable option, you will make your choice by knowing the quality artificial grass features.

Before making your choice about artificial grass, it is necessary to emphasize which area of use is important for you, because artificial grass makes a difference according to its usage areas at the stage of production. This naturally causes certain changes in the properties of the grass. Here are the usage areas and quality options of artificial grass.

Usage Areas of Artificial Grass

Although football fields usually come to mind when it comes to artificial grass, the usage areas of this product can vary from the garden, terrace, balcony, and around the site. In this sense, it is necessary to handle the use of artificial grass in 2 different ways, sportive and decorative.
Sportive use refers to the use to establish sports fields, especially football fields. We carry out the most special works for you among the artificial grass specially designed for sportive use. We offer you the most accurate alternatives in order to benefit from the options that will increase the performance of the athletes and increase efficiency to the best levels.
Artificial grass, which is produced to meet the greatest expectations of athletes, also offers visual perfection. In this sense, the options to be considered are generally the same.

We should say that very special alternatives should be used for synthetic grass that will be used for decorative purposes. In particular, products to be used as decorative should be visually successful as well as provide hygiene and protect human health. As a matter of fact, it should be stated that these products, which are likely to come into direct contact with human skin, even if they are decorative, may put health at risk in a possibly negative way.
After considering all the details, we list the things that should be considered below. Now let’s take a look at the quality artificial grass produced with special options!

How Should High-Quality Astro Turf Be?

While the use of astro turf is in almost every moment of human life, it is known that this use differs day by day. Let’s take a closer look at all the details about astro turf, which varies in production stages due to the differing types of usage!

Abrasion Resistance

artificial grass, synthetic grass, astro turf, fake grass

With the use of astro turf, it will be quite simple for you to catch the quality, because this product is highly resistant to abrasion, and offers high-quality options. One of the most important aspects of these products, which are specially designed to be used for sportive purposes, is undoubtedly their resistance to abrasion.

Although the preferred yarn type plays an important role in obtaining resistance, it will be necessary to state that reinforcement applications made with latex are very valuable. If you care about quality and usefulness while purchasing astro turf, you can definitely start to benefit from our company’s products.
While we enable you to benefit from valuable products specially produced for you, we provide extra solutions against wear and tear. You can start working with us for high-quality options against wear and resistance.

Resistance to Sun Rays

It is necessary to be very careful about astro turf, which is preferred for sports and decorative uses, especially in indoor and outdoor sports facilities. You can take a look at our products for options that will be least affected by the sun’s rays and will be able to attract attention with these features.
During the production phase, both the usefulness and the resistance of the grass are supported by the stages that are carried out by taking into account the sun rays and UV rays. Moreover, any negative option that may put human health at risk is not used during the said stages. Therefore, it is possible to benefit from the highest quality options.

Choose our company for astro turf that does not fade, wear out, and always dazzling with its quality due to sun rays. Take the quality to the top with our special alternatives!

Easy to Maintain

One of the most important issues for almost everyone, who wants to buy and use astro turf is it is easily maintainable. The fact that the grass can be cleaned easily increases the usefulness and opens the door to very valuable options in protecting human health.
During the production of astro turf, our company aims to offer you special solutions by considering all your sensitivities. Especially unlike the grass that cannot be cleaned, it is ensured that you benefit from the products that become clean after brushing with the help of water and natural soap.

While we bring this feature, which is very important in terms of protecting and supporting human health, we enable you to benefit from visually higher quality options. If you want to take advantage of quality options and care about health standards, you should definitely use our products.

Not Affected by Seasonal Changes

artificial grass, synthetic grass, astro turf, fake grass

Different expectations and solutions come to the fore regarding the use of synthetic grass. Although the area where the grass will be used is very important, it is not very important in what climatic conditions this area is located in, because, unlike natural grass, synthetic grass is less affected by seasonal effects.

When it comes to the use of synthetic grass, the most important detail to be considered is to provide seasonal resistant products while ensuring the widespread use of these products. In this context, while increasing the variety in terms of offering more successful options for the products we produce, we offer suitable alternatives for summer and winter.
If you want to benefit from high-quality alternatives for both summer and winter seasons, you can immediately start to benefit from grass options we provide according to usage areas.

Low Cost

The most valuable feature that causes the use of synthetic grass to become widespread and more preferred is that it is very advantageous in terms of cost. When it comes to the use of natural grass, it is seen that the costs are far above expectations. For this reason, it should be stated that there are more intense demands regarding the use of synthetic grass.
Thanks to synthetic grass, which means lower investment costs and fewer expenses while achieving high-quality, you can start to benefit from very affordable prices. You will be able to experience all the necessary processes with the privileges of our company in order to open the door to a successful investment process. Moreover, you can benefit from the privileges of our company in the selection of grass.

Prefer Our Company For Usage of Synthetic Grass

Even if you consider the most important features when choosing synthetic grass, the qualifications of the company you will cooperate with are also very valuable. Our company, which allows you to meet with special options, always wishes to keep the quality at the highest point. Especially with the variety of synthetic grass, your demands are answered in the most correct way, while the costs are also at a very good level.
All you have to do is to take advantage of the privileges of our company in order to get the most successful products of the sector and to always aim for the better by keeping up with the developing technology. While directing your investments, you can answer all your questions about the use of astro turf by choosing our company.

We aim to provide you with the most accurate solutions with the most competent experts in their field, the most technological machines in the sector, and the works we have completed so far. If you want to make the right choice in favor of quality, you can start to examine our products without wasting time.
Our grass, which makes a name for itself with its pile lengths ranging from 5 mm to 70 mm, is valuable in order not to fade for a long time and to avoid problems depending on the season. To benefit from all these solutions and to get more detailed information about our products, you can contact us immediately on our sportsflooringsystem.com site. Our experts are ready to help you with any subject you wonder about.

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